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Former US Air Force Woman Claims Aliens Raped Her on the Moon

A US former Air Force Member stunned everyone when she announced that she was abducted by aliens, taken to the moon and raped several times by aliens that resembled reptiles.

The former air force radar trafficker, Niara Terela Isley stated that aliens that looked like “reptile humanoids” with tails abducted her and took her all the way to their secret base on the moon, where she was forcefully havened sex with repeatedly by several aliens. She recalls that she was taken to the moon about 8 to 10 times, where she labored during the day and was forced to have sex all night long.

She was 25 when she was abducted for the first time and she seldom has any memories of her job she was performing in Air Force in Nevada. She claims that her memories are wiped out and when she sought help through means of hypnosis, she ended up discovering even more of the incident.

She was a mother to two kids and explained that in order to survive and reach back home to her kids, she was forced to comply with their every command. Isley explains that she did not confront the aliens out of fear of being killed by them if she did not comply with what they wanted from her.

She further explains that such frequent were the sex sessions that she was not allowed to sleep at night and was passed on between several aliens for the purpose of having sex. She also claimed that while she was forced to labor and move boxes on the moon, there were also other grey aliens and human abductees that were performing the same job.

The incident stopped occurring in 1980 and Isley heard of the aliens no more!