Aliens: China Signs $100 Million Deal with FAST, World's Largest Radio Telescope

The world’s largest radio telescope company, FAST, and China has joined hands to hunt aliens in the space. Russian billionaire Yuri Milner has come in association with the National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC) in a Breakthrough Listen initiative which is worth $100 million and through which FAST will be able to catch and listen small frequencies that come from outer space.

Director General of NAOC, Jun Yan rendered FAST Company to have some of the most powerful instruments that are immensely beneficial in understanding the existence of life beyond Earth.

In October 2016, Breakthrough Listen started to analyze flickering stars also called Tabby’s star which is almost 1,500 light years from this planet in the constellation Cygnus. This process involves using a Green Bank Telescope which was 100-metre-wide. The observations obtained from the NASA Kepler revealed that Tabby’s star tend to dim irregularly and considerably as compared to other stars in the constellation due to other planets and comets in the space. This eventually led to start using a telescope through which a clear understanding of any paranormal signals can be found.

Five-hundred-meter aperture spherical telescope (FAST) has installed a dish which is 30 times bigger than a soccer field and a diameter to be 200 meters greater than the second-biggest radio telescope of the world. According to TeCake, the radio telescope is too powerful that it can catch even the weakest of outer space signals, a potential which no other radio telescope has today.

The deal is worth $100 million and scientists all over the world are looking forward to this partnership since it aims at boosting the search for civilizations in the space. Scientists are excited about how evidence for extraterrestrial life will be traced as it will be counted amongst the greatest achievement of humans up till now.

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