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Was Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight Abducted By Aliens?

Four years ago, Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight mysteriously disappeared over the waters of the Indian Ocean, with more than 230 people on board. Malaysian authorities have been investigating the incident, but no answer has come to light so far. Malaysian Chief Investigator, Kok Soo Chon stated in a press conference: “We cannot determine with any certainty the reason the plane diverted from its planned route. The team is unable to determine the real reason for the disappearance”.

However, in recent days, conspiracy theorists have claimed that the answer could be found out of this world: according to them, the plane could have been taken by aliens.

An article published on British online newspaper The Express says that a Twitter user called Ty affirmed to have received a strange code via voicemail that allegedly contains the coordinates of the place where the plane was las seen. “The message sounds like a series of numbers and letters, but according to some it is the NATO phonetic alphabet and has been translated as: ‘S Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be caution they are not human 042933964230 SOS Danger SOS’”, the article states.

“Some internet users notice that when the number is spaced out – 04 29 33 96 42 30 – and put into Google, the coordinates takes you to Medan, the capital of Indonesia’s North Sumatra province, which is right next to Malaysia”, the article continues.

Nonetheless, some researchers have raised their voice to denounce Ty’s claims as a hoax. One of the editors of fact checker website Snopes expressed about it: “one outlandish fantasy that has made the rounds is that the plane was taken by space aliens, as demonstrated by an apparent Internet hoax that went viral around the incident’s fourth anniversary”.

So far, the Twitter user has gained up to 40,000 new followers, which is a considerable number. But, in spite of this controversy, the mystery continues unsolved.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/996207/mh370-report-aliens-voicemail-malaysia-airlines-extraterrestrial-boeing-777



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