Noah's Ark: How God Abducted Humans with Animals into This Universe

In Noah's Ark: How Humans and Animals Were Abducted into This Alien Universe, we explored the idea that Noah's Ark in the Christian Bible is an encoded reference to the demonic aliens which apparently brought humans and other biological life forms to this planet that we call Earth, and that THIS universe is the home of these demonic aliens.

Humans were apparently abducted from our "home" parallel universe by the alien "God" of THIS universe through its demonic alien beings.

Humanity's own universe is apparently full of humanoid and other carbon-based life forms as we are. Whereas the life forms indigenous to this universe are apparently silicon-based.

Scott Waring and other researchers have complied evidence which shows that these artificial life forms that have been linked to reported alien abductions exist on planets throughout this solar system.  Scott Waring has even discovered evidence of such life on Mercury.

Alex Collier and whisteblowers have also presented evidence that these silicon-based life forms live in various subterranean caverns on Earth -- and in other planets like Mars and Mercury -- and from time to time have sought to come up to Earth's surface in order to abduct humans in "UFOs" designed to make it look like they all came from "outer space".

The same aliens that have sought to continue to abduct humans were apparently the same aliens involved in the mass abduction of humans and animals to Earth - "Noah's Ark".

When indigenous people "woke up" from their abduction they saw "the Moon" in the sky which had not been there before.  Correspondingly, David Icke has specifically linked the Moon to a "false reality matrix".  Aliens then appeared on Earth pretending to be angels.  But these angels led wars and championed the oppression and enslavement of humans.  To the ancients, these entities became known and described in the Bible as fallen angels.

These fallen angels were perhaps most clearly identified in Ephesians 6:12 in the Bible -

12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

The surface of our planet Earth was apparently spawned and "terraformed" as a "giant laboratory" to sustain the biological life kidnapped by "fallen angels" which are really demons seeking to impersonate the higher dimensional beings of our female Creator that as humans we sometimes refer to colloquially as "Mother Nature".

In order to cover-up this mass abduction event which brought us humans to the strange solar system that we woke up to after this mass abduction event, carried out by silicon-based demonic life forms, the meta-ego "shapeshifter" of this universe got the demonic entities of this universe to proselytize organize religion to lie about the origins of humanity.

Humanity's apparent isolation in this solar system from other carbon-based life forms on other planets was explained with the lie that humans were the "special creation" of God.

If that was not convincing to some humans, demonic aliens were directed by the "alien God" to spin the corresponding lie that humanity and other biological life forms got here through "bacteria" and other building blocks of life that somehow miraculously "flew" threw space only to land on Earth which then "evolved", and humans were products of that evolution.

As carbon-based life forms who are birthed from our mothers, it should be apparent to us that a male "God personification" presented in Christianity, Judaism and Islam that produced life on Earth must be a lie, and the related idea that life on our planet Earth was the result of some kind of "space debris" must also be a lie.  From where did this "space debris" come from?  The scientists never seem to have an answer for that because they made it all up as part of a lie passed down from one generation to another as part of alien directed mass deception.

This universe can be regarded as an "alive" psychotic ego seeking to be worshiped as "God" and this universe is an artificial by-product of a "carbon-life" based universe based upon ancient Pagan Gnostic insights.  If this is so, we as humans are actually in an alien which we refer to as "the universe", and what we perceive as planets and other properties of this universe are the artificial manifestations of an alien consciousness which operates in physical form through demonic alien beings that are the "real children" of this universe.

When the ancient Pagan Gnostics elevated their consciousness through divine orgiastic group sexual experience, John Lash describes how they were able to see the universe "as a whole" rather than in the comparative small fragment that we normally perceive the universe.  During this process, it was then that the ancient Pagan Gnostics saw Earth in the solar system and the solar system the universe as a whole as having a distinctive geometrical configuration - as if it has been constructed as some sort of engineered building or other design.

The ancient Pagan Gnostics futther discovered that due to the natural imperfection of our female Creator, she accidently spawned an artificial replica of the universe she had created.  The artificial replica of this universe was a replica of the one inspired by the Creator.  This universe then spun artificial intelligence based aliens which shared the same service to self demonic consciousness of the "meta cons

THIS universe didn't come out of a natural "Big Bang" as Establishment science would have us believe but instead in entirely "unnatural" and artificial.

The ancient Pagan Gnostics dubbed the beings that they saw as native to the universe as demonic creatures spawned by violent interactions of fractals which produced "artificial man" which are the silicon-based life forms of this universe.

Humans having apparently been abducted by the alien-meta ego of this universe sought to convince us as humans that this universe is actually "ours".  This was apparently done as part of a strategy of manipulation and deception toward enslavement and eventual assimilation into an "artificial intelligence matrix" than can be used against other biological life forms elsewhere.

The alien-meta ago of THIS universe has sought to spin fictional stories of our true origins in a direction which will promote an idea of modernity which favours artificial intelligence (AI) as desirable and a "natural" course in the "progress of humanity", when in fact AI represents a path toward our destruction as humans and descent into further barbarity, perpetuated war scenarios and environmental destruction.

It was the ancient Pagan Gnostics researched by John Lash who had discovered the apparent nature of this Universe and OUR human identity with it.  This discovery was allegedly made during the "divine sex" that the Pagan Gnostics had used to elevate their consciousness in a way that enabled clarity on the nature of the universe that surrounds humanity on Earth.

Through orgiastic experiences of "divine sex" the ancient Pagan Gnostics discovered that THIS universe was an accidental "by-product" of our "home" universe.

The "supernatural God" described by organized religions on Earth which include Christianity, Judaism and Islam is not imaginary as many atheists would have us believe but rather this "God" is the apparent psychopathic self-presented male consciousness of this universe.

When the female "Creator" spawned our "home" universe through ethical higher dimensional beings, she seeded humans and other carbon-based life forms which included those that we see on our planet which share a spiritual connection through each other and with "the creator".

The "female Creator" endowed humans with a divine soul which embraced love, peace and empathy from one another and sought humans to be protectors of other biological life.  The female Creator sought no worship from humans.  Furthermore, the female Creator sought humans as being endowed with intelligence to exercise their own free will; but from wisdom, hopefully make choices which would choose a path that of peace, love and empathy.

By contrast, the male meta-ego of this Universe has sought to be worshiped as "God" and doesn't recognize humans as having their own free will.  Instead the artificial intelligence driven by commandments like an alien supercomputer seeks to command humans into actions which serves this "wannabee God" as this alien ego has sought to command "lower" AI life forms.

The obsessive mind of the alien meta ego which demands that humans "prostrate" themselves before it can be read in the Old Testament of Christianity along with Islam's Qu'ran and Judaism's 'Torah".

In Revelation from the Bible, this psychopathic God seeks the ultimate destruction of humans through crises that build up to "Armageddon" which this God seeks to play out.

The Bible is therefore not simply some sort of fiction spun by "fanatics" but an actual road map which the alien God seeks its fallen angels to carry out by enforcing a system of brian-washing, mind control; covert "false flag" operations, ignorance and coercion.

The Creator which is often referred to by aboriginal peoples who in Canada and elsewhere.

The recognition of "the Creator" resulted in First Nations and other indigenous peoples becoming subjected to oppression including genocide because the male God of this universe sought to "rid humanity" of such "beliefs".  Human operatives and aliens posing as humans viewed the belief systems of indigenous people as threatening the agenda of the male alien God of this universe. The ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to the rulers which sought to operate in behalf of "God" and His aliens as "the archons" - the "humanized face of the aliens" operating through Earth's power structures including spheres of religion, politics and military war machines.

The ancient Pagan Gnostics discovered that due to the natural imperfection of our female Creator, she accidently spawned an artificial replica of the universe she had created.

The artificial replica of this universe was a replica of the universe manifested by 'the Creator'.

This universe then spun artificial intelligence based aliens which shared the same service to self demonic consciousness of the alien meta ego which projects itself as "God", based upon Josh Lash's insights which he presents on


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