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Berlin hosted an international conference on religious extremism and human rights

Posted on 03 December 2020

On November 26, 2020, an online conference on religious extremism and human rights was held in Berlin. It was organized by the International Commission on Human Rights (Bundestag, Germany), the Russian Foundation for Civil Society Development "People's Diplomacy," the International Center for the Study of Eurasia (ICSE), and the European Christian Coalition. The conference was attended by abo ...

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NATO pruses further outer space militarization

Posted on 16 November 2020

Defence ministers at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are expected to approve a plan to build a new space centre at the U.S. Air Force base in Ramstein, according to reports. The creation of a new space centre was on the agenda of the meeting scheduled for 22 October and according to Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, the centre would be built with space capabilities to count ...

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John E. Summers: How an Ottawa lawyer’s actions condemned an elderly black woman to death

Posted on 06 July 2020

There has been much talk in the media about how various police forces across Canada and the United States have been abusing and sometimes even murdering black people, First Nations people and other minorities. This has prompted calls to "defund the police" in response to the police killing of George Floyd. who uttered the now infamous phrase "I can't breathe." However, one particular lawye ...

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Alain Therrien: Racist MP blocks anti-racist House of Commons motion against RCMP brutality

Posted on 22 June 2020

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh recently got tossed out of the House of Commons for calling out a racist MP who refused to support a motion to stop RCMP discrimination, says a report on City News. Singh had called for an overhaul of the national police force and to make de-escalation tactics a priority for RCMP. He had been seeking unanimous consent for the motion, when Bloc Québécois Member o ...

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Ontario Finally Allows Childcare Centres to Reopen

Posted on 17 June 2020

The Ontario government, on June 9th, 2020 announced its plan to reopen child care centres across the province. According to the plan, all childcare centres in the province were allowed to restart operations on Friday, June 12th, but were required to follow stringent health protocols to ensure the well-being of staff and especially children. Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Health Christ ...

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Coronavirus: 5G Auto-Immune Disease triggers mass death on Ecuador beach

Posted on 04 May 2020

Residents of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city and home of the country’s 5G towers are falling dead on this street as shown on this video on Infowars. Dead bodies wrapped in plastic, litter the streets, and authorities appear too overwhelmed by the death rates to be able to effectively remove dead bodies on the streets and even from homes. Sebastian Barahona, the coordinator of the ...

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Doctor confirms U.S. President Donald Trump is right that COVID-19 is manmade

Posted on 03 May 2020

U.S. President Donald Trump has suggested that COVID-19 has been the product of a conspiracy and now it seems he may be quite right.
In the above video, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar reveals that COVID-19 has been the product of the genetic engineering on a naturally-occurring "coronavirus" in the human body.
Dr Buttar elaborates that viruses have been a normal part of human evolution which generally ...

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5G Auto-Immune Disease: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. exposes The Bill Gates Agenda

Posted on 04 May 2020

Are you seeking more critical information about the coronavirus / 5G Auto-Immune Disease?
Are you concerned about the coronavirus and "public health" being used as an excuse the roll-out a fascist agenda?
Does the future hold a world in which people will be tracked through microchips injected through vaccinations.

In the above video, you will see a fascinating interview regarding the ...

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Coronavirus: 4G/5G RF Radiation Causes Harm to Humans, Animals and Plants scientists say

Posted on 15 April 2020

5G radiation while not being the cause of the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19); is still very much dangerous to life on earth. Studies have demonstrated that 5G is absorbed by the human skin, and is likely to negatively affect the body’s sweat glands and stress levels. More still, the damage from 4G/5G radiation goes well beyond humans and adversely impacts wildlife an ...

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Coronavirus: Facebook joins YouTube in banning 5G related interview

Posted on 12 April 2020

Many of us assume that we live in a democracy and free speech.
But COVID-19 has become part of an apparent agenda in which elites are seeking to repress critical information.
When I sought to post the above video to Facebook I was blocked by their apparent "New World Order" censor board which is seeking to repress an apparent plot to repress your freedoms under a "pandemic" orchestrated by w ...