Book: What is Canada's national identity?

What is our national identity?  Who are we, as Canadians?  Are we more than just "not Americans"?  Where has our society come from, and where are we going? 

National Identity in Canada and Cosmopolitan Community
by Raymond Samuels II, ISBN: 0-9681906-0-X

General description:

The question of national identity in Canada has been an enigma in the experience of Canadians.

As a society, the country continues to be hindered by a historical context, evading exposure in the prevailing environment and eroding a vital identity. The term 'national identity' expresses a state of societal maturation that Canada appears to critically lack.

National Identity in Canada and Cosmopolitan Community explores an 'enforced state' of societal immaturity that works against a milieu of national civic unity in Canada.

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