Federal Budget 2016 Offers Canadian Teachers a Tax Credit Worth up to $150 for Classroom Supplies

The science experiments in Canadian schools could become a little more elaborate, thanks to some new federal funding that will reimburse teachers for some of their own money spent in classrooms.

The Liberal budget, presented Tuesday, introduces a teacher and early educational supply tax credit that will allow an eligible educator to claim a 15 per cent refundable tax credit based on up to $1,000 in expenditures made by an employee for eligible supplies. That credit is worth $150 if the full amount is claimed.

“Teachers and early childhood educators often incur at their own expense the cost of supplies for the purpose of teaching otherwise enhancing students’ learning in the classroom or learning environment,” the budget states.

To make the claim, employers will be required to certify that the supplies were purchased for the purpose of teaching or “otherwise enhancing learning” in the classroom or learning environment. Individuals making a claim will need to retain receipts for verification purposes.

Coyne: Federal Budget an extraordinary burst of spnding qualify as an educator, you’ll need to hold a teacher’s certificate in a diploma or certificate in early childhood development recognized in the province or territory in which you are employed.

And what’s eligible? Science experiments count and the government has a list of ingredients it suggests, including seeds, potting soil, vinegar, baking soda and stir sticks.


Art supplies like paper, glue and paint, poster and chart paper count as well, as do board games and educational support software.

The new measures will apply for supplies acquired on or after Jan. 1, 2016. Hopefully some teachers have saved their receipts.

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