Justin Trudeau Demolishes Stephen Harper in New Poll

In a new poll on the popularity of Canada’s most recent prime ministers, released Sunday, Justin Trudeau thoroughly trounces his predecessor.

The online poll by Ottawa-based Abacus Data asked people how they felt about the country’s last 7 elected prime minsters. The pollsters surveyed 1,500 Canadians aged 18 and over from January 8 to 12.

Trudeau is the most popular of all 7, followed by his late father, Pierre Trudeau. Stephen Harper is the least popular of all seven.

The results of the poll are excruciatingly polarizing. The prime minister scores high among Liberal voters (95% positive) and NDP voters (49% positive), but not so much with Conservative voters (69% negative).

After losing to Trudeau during the October 2015 federal election, Harper penned an I’m-a-nice-guy letter to the same federal public servants he terrorized, dictatorship-style, during his nine years in power. He even claimed to have “worked very closely with the Public Service of Canada to improve the prosperity, security and well-being of Canadians and improve Canada’s position in the world.” Canadians aren’t buying it.

According to the Abacus poll, Harper‘s numbers are “almost the mirror opposite” of Trudeau’s. He scores high among Conservatives (80% positive). He’s disliked by 75% Liberals and 75% of NDP voters.

Nationally, 54% of Canadians like Trudeau and 52% dislike Harper.

“As we know very well, popularity of politicians fluctuates over time, and how people view Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau today maybe quite different from their views a year from now,” said Bruce Anderson, the chairperson of Abacus Data. “With that caveat noted, it is compelling that these two men find their reputations almost the mirror image of each other.

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