Hudson’s Bay Plans European Expansion

Hudson Bay Company is about to take the world by storm as plans are far advanced in its quest to expand its services to other areas outside Canada. Presently, they have earmarked Netherlands as one of the countries where their European Expansion Project would be executed.

When it comes to the issue of well established and renowned companies recognized all over Canada, one name that cannot be overlooked is Hudson Bay Company in Canada. They have been in existence for a very long time providing each and every one of its customers with high quality retail services that cannot be bettered.

A lot of people have always sought to do business with the Hudson Bay Company but found it very difficult due to restrictions brought about by geographical location. However, there is now good news for those of you located within the Netherlands as Hudson Bay Company has decided to expand its European reach. They have actually targeted the construction of 20 Hudson Bay stores all over the Netherlands in the next two years. This is to ensure that its highly esteemed customers in Netherlands also get provided with their retail needs.

The best part is that, 17 stores out of the targeted 20 stores are expected to be launched within the year 2017. Each of the 20 stores upon completion is expected to satisfy the shopping needs of the Dutch. What this means is that they are designing all their 20 departmental stores specifically according to how the Dutch shops. This clearly goes on to show one thing that has over the years distinguished Hudson Bay Company from other similar companies – their ability to tailor their services to the exact needs of customer in a particular region.

At a time when most departmental stores all over the United States have recorded a downward growth, it can be seen as a very bold and necessary move by Hudson Bay Company with its European Expansion plans. The positives that such a move by Hudson Bay Company will bring to the Dutch are overwhelming and high on that list is the creation of over 2,000 employment avenues each for shop operators and construction workers respectively and over 200 million Euros worth of capital investments.

 With Hudson Bay Company planning on using close to one and half million dollars ($1.5 million) in its European Expansion Project, the future looks very bright for countries within which they may further seek to set camp in Europe. 


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