Perimeter Security Deal Based On Secrets, Lies & Deceptions

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On Monday August 15, 2011 U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (Big Sis) took some time out of her busy schedule to meet with her Canadian counterpart, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews in what just so happens to be the home province of the “NAFTA Superhighway”, Winnipeg Manitoba.

The meeting was dubbed as an ‘Security Summit’ aimed at finalizing details on the common security perimeter deal (New Border Vision). The results of this meeting are to be eventually presented to President Obama and Prime Minister Harper when they resume talks to seal the deal this coming fall.

The two security czars continue to play down the impact this deal will have on both Canadian and American sovereignty as well as the privacy concerns shared by citizens and the Privacy Commissioner alike. The mainstream media is helping it along by (knowingly or unknowingly) framing the conversation to focus in on only one or two key concerns that somehow must be overcome before Canadians will accept the deal.

We are here to remind our government that our sovereignty, our right to privacy our Constitution is not up to debate! We strongly urge our government to refrain from placing our national security into the hands of a foreign government even if they are our biggest economic trading partner. No amount of transparency or sugar-coating will make the signing of this deal ‘OK’ by informed Canadians.

Those of us who have been following this consolidation agenda since the early days of NAFTA followed then by the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), don’t required any further transparency on these recent security perimeter talks in order to understand what is really at stake here.

We already know exactly what the two governments are going to implement, what pretext they are going to use. We are aware of the incremental steps that have already been put into action by government and how they all play an important role in preparing our county for absorption into what most people are calling North American Union.

Just in case you haven’t been following along, most of the details of this current border deal can be discovered back in the 2005 CFR/CCCE Task Force Report: Building A North American Community. (

The document was presented to the Security and Prosperity Partnership and calls for the creation of guess what.. a common security perimeter for the whole of North America. It states in the document this perimeter security deal was to be established by 2010. It was consequently no surprise for informed Canadians when our government then announced this very plan late in December of 2010, just in the nick of time!

This common security perimeter is in no way a new idea nor is it the idea of our two governments. This is the idea of top CEO’s and NGO’s represented by the CFR and the CCCE along with their globalist friends, who somehow feel they are entitled to influence our governments on issues concerning national security policy, public policy, the rule of law and even the interpretation of our Constitution.

Even before the terrorist attacks on 911, these very same corporate interests viewed our national sovereignty, our personal liberties, our constitutional rights, our national boundaries and borders as a trade barrier, slowing down the flow of goods and services. Since 911, we now see these very same interests taking it upon themselves to negotiate away these fundamental rights under the guise of “Security and Prosperity” all in the name of increased profits and less red tape.

I will leave you with a very fitting quote by one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin;

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Remember his words when they try and sell you on the idea that we must give up national sovereignty and our civil liberties in order to enjoy greater prosperity or increased trade.

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