Border: Harper signs away our Birthright, but do Canadians care?

The Globe and Mail reports that the new Canada-U.S. border agreement will be unveiled at the White House by Barack Obama and Stephen Harper in early December 2011.

"When they read it, some people will go ballistic" says the Globe and Mail's John Ibbitson .

That’s because the Beyond the Border action plan, according to those who have watched the negotiations closely, is expected to include a new biometric entry-exit system that will track everyone coming into or leaving Canada by land, sea or air. It will be part of the continental security perimeter that is one of the key elements of the accord.

Why do you think that the Harper government did not want any publc scrutiny of the Border Deal Scam?  That is because the overwhelming majority of Canadians would reject it.  But do Canadians really care?  It seems to me that most Canadians these days don't give a damn about affirming their own sovereignty.  By the time the apathetic Canadian public figures out how they have been sold-out, it will arguably be too late for them to do anything about it.  The time to stop the Border Deal Scam is before it is formally signed.

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