Security Perimeter linked to Tar Sands: First Nations become Terrorists

First Nations have been vital to the defence Canada into the War of 1812, and also into World Wars I and II. Indeed, Canada would have been taken over by the United States in the War of 1812, if First Nations had not decided to be ally themselves with Canadian and British forces.

The most recent battle that Canadian First Nations waged (along with Native Americans) in defence of Canada, was against the Keystone Pipeline. This Tar Sands-related Pipeline is the apparent orchestration of the U.S. military-industrial complex.

The Tar Sands has needlessly ravaged First Nations communities, and Canada’s natural heritage in general. The U.S. military is reportedly the worst polluter in the world. The U.S. military lawlessly acts against disenfranchised peoples throughout the world, This lawlessness has most recently included the spread of radiation toxins to innocent Middle East and Libyan civilian populations through Depleted Uranium.

When the Indigenous Environmental Network announced on its website that “We won one battle against big oil, but not the war: Statement of IEN on the Obama Administration decision on Keystone XL Pipeline” they were not exaggerating. If the Border Pact goes into force as planned with a week or two, U.S. Northern Command (the U.S. military) will be empowered to simply round-up protesting indigenous peoples as “terrorists” and “Enemies of the State”. Any Canadian (or American) who petitions this violation of the right to protest, will also be labelled a terrorist, and thrown into FEMA “Detention Centres” that have been constructed all over the United States. These Detention Centre have been well documented on the internet.

The “Beyond Borders” Pact seeks to criminalize all forms of dissent. “Beyond Borders” also replaces democratically inspired constitutional law in Canada (and also in the U.S.), with totalitarian law executed by a U.S. imperial military command structure in the name of “security”.

The Border Pact also enables U.S. Northern Command, and its law enforcement operatives, and private subcontractors to detain anyone, and everyone, who the U.S. military thinks “might” be contemplating dissent against “the State” in the future.

Through real time tracking, U.S. Northern Command will be able to run the whole of Canada (and the U.S.), in a similar manner that elites run the People’s Republic of China. China combines an oppressive political fascism with a capitalist economy.

How will First Nations respond to a Border Pact, which threatens to complete the destruction of First Nations communities, who have sought to be the custodians of Canada against the ambitions of U.S. militarism?


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