Border Pact: Canadians become apathetic on nationhood

Canadians love their Maple Leaf, their social services, and the benefits which come with their nationhood.  But are Canadians prepared to defend their nationhood from the apparent fascism of the Harper government on the Border Pact issue?

The Canadian media has sought to tell us that we should be happy about this "great deal".  But, that's what our First Nations might have also been doing when their leaders originally sold Canada to nefarious colonial interests. 

It is apparent that we, Canadians, have been sold out by the Harper government.  Why were we not given the opportunity to study the Agreement before it was signed?  That is because, as Canadians, we would have rejected it.  The Harper government and his collaborators among the Liberal and NDP have sold us out.  But does it really matter anyway?  It seems these days that Canadians are too lazy and apathetic to defend their nationhood, for having been sold out.

When your public healthcare access has been destroyed, along with your other rights as Canadians, you will have no one to blame but your apathetic selves.  You can now carry on playing "games" on Facebook, or your other navel gazing activities you enjoy the most.


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