Border Pact Book: Canada’s National Identity Censored, Avoiding the North American Union sell-out

National Identity in Canada and Cosmopolitan Community is a book that I began to write when I was completing my Master’s thesis at Carleton University. Having been an A student in my coursework at Carleton’s Department of Sociology and Canadian Studies, I sought to research the enigma of national identity in Canada. I wanted to further explore the enigma of national identity in Canada. Who are we as Canadians? Are we simply “not Americans”? Or, is there is something much more to who we are as Canadians? I set out to explore these questions.

Little did I know at the time, that national identity in Canada was apparently the second guarded secret to aliens and UFOs. You see, the more that an elite group can maintain a “false reality matrix” over a group, the more that group can execute social control. In my research I discovered things about Canada that the Establishment STILL keeps from popular Canadian appreciation. These include the nature of the “two founding nations” construct which is the basis of legal entitlements in Canada, and which notably include Official Languages Policy. Carleton University’s “information gatekeepers” were determined that my findings would be concealed.

Thankfully, I was able to gain acceptance into a foreign Higher Education institution in order to continue my research work in Canada toward PhD work.

I dedicate the publishing of National Identity in Canada and Cosmopolitan Community to all Canadians who seek to be critically informed about who we are as a people. I believe that reading this book will provide you with a rejuvenated perspective on our roots as a society. Having appreciated these roots, I sought the publishing of this book to empower Canadians.

The same elite interests who have sought to conceal our national identity is the same group which now seeks to sell our vital sovereignty to a so-called “North American Union” via secretive, anti-democratic arrangements. These include the “Civilian Assistance Plan” - bet you never heard of that one, have you -- and the “Beyond Borders” arrangement. The elites are seeking to impose an elite contrived “order” based upon the chaos which they have executed through their own nefarious policies and activities. One hand of the elites destabilizes our country through the pretext/instigation of "terrorism", so the other hand can seek to impose a “new order” to prevent further “terrorism”, as if it was not the same entity pepetrated the terrorism.

Our national sovereignty is vital to our ability to be “master’s in our own house”. Without sovereignty, we are an enslaved people, with no rights and freedoms. This book not only provides historical insights that have been generally censored by Higher Education institutions, and the media alike. It also provides a step-by-step blueprint on how we can re-claim and affirm our institutions from the predatory-colonial cliques that thrive in Canada.

I invite you to read this book, and decide whether you share the vision that I have expressed for a sovereign Canada.

You will not get from the CBC or any other Canadian “mainstream” institution the details and insights that I share in this book.

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