Three business industries require selling soul

We're all aware of how cut throat the cold world of business can be. Popular culture in the 1980s portrayed the ambitious business man as a selfish and cruel creature with his obsession with aesthetics matched only by his desire for material wealth and the expense of his fellow man. Now, I'm certainly not saying that business is actually conducted this way. In fact, I would argue that in 2013 we exist in a time were there are is stringent legislation to ensure healthy business ethics than at any time before in the history of free trade. With that in mind I've created this post as a slightly tongue in cheek examination into the business realms where it really is recommended you abandon your moral compass at the door. Here's my top three jobs ideally suited to soulless monsters:

Repo man

Also known as a repossession agent. I don't understand how any mentally well adjusted human being could go to work each day knowing that they would be helping to destroy the life another human being has worked to build for themselves. Now I know that they're only doing their job, and I also appreciate that somebody who has got themselves into such serious financial difficulty that repossession has begun probably made some big mistakes and have got what's coming to them. What I can't digest is – why would somebody be attracted to this line of work? There are literally millions of other job prospects out there that pay you just as well for your driving and manual lifting skills. The only conclusion I can draw for the repo man is that the joy he harvests from his victims is far sweeter than any pay cheque.

Money lender

It's kind of difficult to argue with the virtues of loans in some respects. After all, they're responsible for allowing young families to get their foot on the property ladder and fronting the cash to allow young adults to enter the world of higher education. However things become a little less righteous sounding when you enter the field of the 'personal loan'. For example look at the people. I mean sure, at least they're up front in telling you exactly what you're going to repay but it doesn't really change the fact that they're taking advantage of people low on the poverty band who are struggling to gain control over their finances. Although if Wonga weren't doing it somebody else would no doubt be filling the void, plus this business can actually make you a ton of money so that probably makes you feel a little bit better when you're taking people's money.

Used car salesman

I just couldn't resist putting this in. I've been wary of the car salesman's dubious nature from back when I was a young lad enjoying Roald Dahl's malicious characterisation of the cheating debauchery of Matilda's father. It's a well known butt of many jokes but the car salesman is but one example of a certain 'kind' of person – I'm referring to those who actively seek to deceive or detain knowledge from others for their own benefit. Some scientists might argue this is the evolution of our monkey brains keeping us 'one step ahead' but whatever happened to 'strength in numbers' and 'for the good of the clan'? Sounds like pretty sub par human behaviour to me!


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