Is your car keeping you safe?

(NC) Wrapping yourself in two tons of steel can feel like protection enough out on the road, but from aggressive drivers to dangerous conditions, many cars just can’t cut it. Look for vehicles with vital safety features to let you explore the road in security and confidence. 

One major concern and cause of accidents is falling asleep at the wheel, especially when travelling on the highway for longer distances. One great feature that can help with this is lane keep assist with lane departure warning. If drivers let their vehicle drift over a detected lane marking without intentionally steering or using their turn signal, the icon turns amber and the system provides brief steering wheel turns to help guide drivers back into their lane.  

 Parking is another challenge, especially in busy malls crowded with shoppers and snow banks taking up some spots. To get a bird’s eye view of your surroundings, you can use a feature like surround vision in the Cadillac XT4. Designed to help driverpark and avoid crashes with nearby objects during low-speed maneuvering, it shows an overhead view of the scene around your vehicle on the centre display.  

OnStar is the best way to keep you connected in the event of an emergency. If the worst does happen, you need a safety net.  You may not have access to your cellphone or even be aware of potential danger. There is nothing better than being connected to a live operator who calls your vehicle after your airbags go off to offer assistance, find your exact location and send help. Also helpful in a different kind of emergency, the service can inform you if your vehicle alarm goes off and use your GPS to locate your car in the event of theft. 


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