St-Laurent Volvo demonstrates corruption in weak Better Business Bureau reply

We towed our vehicle to St-Laurent Volvo on September 1, 2020. Since that time, they have shown complete . St-Laurent Volvo and Land Rover Ottawa do not act in a manner consistent with the professional standards of a normal luxury car dealership. This dealership lies and lacks basic respect for standards of integrity and customer service.

Our complaint shows that consumers should think twice about doing any business with St-Laurent Volvo, whether that entails seeking repairs, leasing a vehicle, or buying a new car. Guarantees on service to a vehicle, leasing arrangements, and contracts of sale are only as good as the willingness of a dealership to act with professionalism.

Our experiences with St-Laurent Volvo serve as a warning to any would-be clients of this dealership of the kind of experiences that may greet you.

St-Laurent Volvo has had more than two months to provide information on the timing of their receiving parts for the repairs we requested, which were for the installation of Volvo parts.

The fact that St-Laurent Volvo not only took so much time to respond to a Better Business Bureau complaint issued to them weeks ago but has now furthermore failed to include any timeline for their receiving the requested parts as part of their reply to our complaint shows that their response is not genuine.

We had inquired about a payment plan not because we had problems paying but simply as an option. We had informed St-Laurent Volvo that we rejected this option in less than a week.

That is therefore no excuse for their unprofessional conduct regarding their failure to get our vehicle sorted regarding the repairs we discussed.

Records show, in fact, that when St-Laurent Volvo issued an invoice for their inspection fee, we paid that invoice the same day on our credit card.

So, St-Laurent Volvo therefore has no credible basis to use our inquiry into a payment plan to bring in those details as their response.

St-Laurent Volvo also promised in writing to send out a catalytic convertor to Jean-Marcil, who is an expert manager of such repairs in Montreal.

It is therefore also unprofessional for them to renege on that commitment for any excuse. Our vehicle has already been sitting there for months as a result of unprofessional conduct that has been well documented online by other customers of this dealership.

They had promised to send our catalytic convertor to Jean-Marcil by courier weeks ago!

We paid for our vehicle to be towed there; we then paid for an inspection of our vehicle with the understanding that they would make the repairs that we requested on the vehicle.

St-Laurent Volvo is obliged to effectuate those repairs as a part of the explicit understanding we have after paying to tow the vehicle there and then paying for an inspection.

Our Better Business Bureau complaint requests a discount for their negligence as compensation for putting us through this terrible experience.

The failure of St-Laurent Volvo to respond to this complaint in a timely manner is the same lack of timeliness that they have subjected us to in basic customer service since September 1, 2020.

Our complaint is also quite consistent with numerous other written complaints against St-Laurent Volvo and Volvo Land Rover, which is under the same management/ownership.

The fact of the matter is that for weeks we requested that St-Laurent Volvo produce an invoice for the repair of Volvo parts,and immediately after they finally produced an invoice, Deeps Dossanjh then said he didn't want to repair my vehicle anymore,which led to this complaint. We could not make a deposit on repairs to the vehicle not because of a payment problem but because of the apparent resistance of St-Laurent Volvo to want to produce a formal invoice.

As a response to this complaint two months ago, St-Laurent Volvo has provided no evidence in their weak reply to the Better Business Bureau that they were gathering any information on the timing of receiving parts like they allege they were doing.


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