St. Laurent Volvo and Land Rover Ottawa face mounting complaints over bad service

Buying or repairing your car at a dealership is highly recommended for vehicle owners who want reliable and efficient services. However, St. Laurent Volvo and Land Rover Ottawa are facing increasing pressure due to their poor services which fall way below customer’s expectations.

The dealership has been blacklisted by many customers in Ottawa due to their terrible services. Research into the dealership reveals an almost endless list of customer complaints due to their unprofessionalism, poor management and sketchy practices.

“Worst customer service. The salesman was not at all interested in showing/selling and rude. Not expected from Land Rover. Will never go there again. Looking at other reviews, I think it is consistent experience with everyone visiting this dealership,” wrote Parveen Kumar.

Quite frankly, he is not wrong. Kumar is just one out of many other customers who due to their bad experience, are now advising others online to avoid the dealership either for purchasing or servicing their Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover or any other luxury vehicle.

“They have to have the worst service for a high-end dealer I have ever experienced,” said Steph.

Steph bought a brand-new 2019 Range Rover Evoque from the dealership and had to take it back a month later due to a problem with the brakes.  However, after going back and forth with the service manager, her car was still not fixed six months after laying a complaint.

“They don’t care about your business after they get your money. Extremely disappointed,” she said.

The St. Laurent Volvo and Land Rover Ottawa is being managed by the same man, Deeps Dossanjn. But he appears quite unbothered about the consistent surge in customer complaints about how terrible the service at the dealership is—which should be a serious cause for concern.

“I have been going to St Laurent Volvo for many years and experienced excellent client services.  But the new franchise owners have no respect for Volvo owners or any clients,” said a Better Business Bureau claimant.

According to the claimant, the dealership is a ‘shitshow’ and their scandalous practices needs to be exposed so more unsuspecting members of the public don’t fall a victim,

as he did.

For several weeks, he kept getting empty promises and various delays from Deeps and his team when he took his Volvo for repairs at the dealership. Till date, the BBB complaint filed against St. Laurent Volvo has been responded to, showing just how unprofessional the dealership has become.

The poor communication, empty promises, exorbitant fees, rude employees and late delivery timelines have been consistent in most customer reviews of the dealership.

“Paid to have our car diagnosed, and then had several runarounds and no returned calls for weeks for a part that was supposed to be ordered to fix the problem,” said Kim Render, an unhappy customer at the dealership.

Reviews from customers such as Kim Render, Ela Luo, Jody Thompson, Claude Brunette, and many others, centres on how bad the customer service experience at the dealership is.

“First I spent 30 mins waiting for a salesman and then left. The second time I spent 15min waiting. During that time, I read these reviews and realized I was making a mistake. Even if I got the car of my dreams it sounds like it comes with the service of my nightmares,” said Rudy Dunno after paying a visit to the dealership.

The management at St. Laurent Volvo and Land Rover Ottawa seems to be playing a dangerous game that is bound to run the dealership to the ground if nothing changes soon.


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