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UFO: Montreal Bus follows orb activity

What did a witness report to the Mutual UFO Network at 8:13 PM on 1 January 2013?

1- I and my wife were waiting the bus 206 at 8h13 PM ( Roger Pilon / Manoel Streets) and when we were entering at the bus the driver shown us some stranger brighter orange lights (four) hovering West to South direction.

2 - The driver shown us when we were entering at bus. I left the bus and took a picture with my IPhone.

3 - Normally we have aircraft flying in this area but those four lights did not glow like aircraft with strobe lights.

4 - They flying West-South very slowly without noise.

5 - The action was to take a picture from outside of the bus.

6 -  After observing almost minute, we entered at bus and we continue to following the lights from inside the bus for another minute.


Note: sky was completely clear at the event.

Witness photo attached.


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