Xmeeting versus WhatsYourPrice.com: Which is Better?

Adult dating is no longer very difficult, thanks to the internet. Today, there are many adult dating sites where people can find free sex dates online. Earlier, it was very hard for people to find sexual partners for the night unless they were ready to pay for it. Thanks to sites such as Xmeeting.com, people no longer have to worry about finding suitable dates.


Xmeeting is the ultimate destination for those who want to enjoy free sex chat or adult sex chat. The site can work as a list of sex personals. It will provide you with access to hot and sexy men and women in your region who are looking for casual sexual encounters. The site offers people with a platform to connect with interesting, hot and sexy men and women from around the globe. It will provide you with access to hot and sexy men and women in your region who are looking to meet and interact with other people for dating and casual sexual encounters.

 It is an adult online dating site for people looking for adult fun, hook ups, sex partners and casual encounters. Thousands of single men and women join Xmeeting every day to find new encounters, and to meet hot and sexy dates for naughty adult fun. The site is dedicated to make people’s dating life more pleasurable.


WhatsYourPrice.com is a dating site where people pay money to find dates. The site gives men with a chance to place bid on women and then go on dates with them.

“Now you can date anyone, anywhere, anytime for the right price.”

In my opinion, the claim that men can date anyone for the right price is demeaning to men. Called me old fashioned but it sounds more like buying sex and companionship, which is not very different from solicitation. When there is an exchange of money even before too people meet each other, they will never be able to have a serious relationship.

Xmeeting versus WhatsYourPrice.com

Xmeeting.com does not have any provision for men to ‘bid’ on men. The site offers both paid and free services and offers an open platform for men and women to interact with each other. The dynamics of the relationship are controlled by the people involved and not by money. Unlike WHatsYourPrice.com, men do not have to pay money in advance to find and meet attractive women on Xmeeting.com.

Xmeeting.com clearly seems to the more logical choice for online dating.

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