Top 15 Flirting Tips

Many people find it incredibly easy to flirt while some people lack the confidence to do it and do it well. There are all kinds of ways that you can flirt with that new lady in your life however. and suggest 15 different tips so that you can really flirt with the new lady in your life. She will see how much you like her and how much you like being around her too.

1. Be Yourself. This is the simplest tip that you could receive. The reason you are with your new lady is because she found something about you sexy. If you are being yourself, she will like you even more. Don’t try to fake your feelings on something, be honest with her.

2. Smile: When you look like you’re happy to be with her, she will be happy to be with you. Try to smile at her as much as you can.

3. Talk about things you know: Be sure to keep her involved in the conversation. If this is the beginning of your dating, stay away from topics like politics and religion.

4. Maintain Eye contact: Make sure to look at her in the eyes when you talk to her. It is very important for her to know that she can trust you.

5. Ask questions: If you want to find out more about her, ask her questions. Try to stay away from questions about ex-boyfriends or lovers.

6. Give compliments: Women love a good compliment so if you see a chance to give her one, by all means, give her a compliment or two.

7. Casual Touches: Give her some casual touches on her arm or shoulder. This can help her realize how much you like her.

8. Don’t fidget: suggests that when you fidget, it appears that you are very nervous. Try to act calm, cool, and collected while still being yourself.

9. Speak Properly: There is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to speak to a woman. Avoid calling her any vulgar pet names or talking badly about people you both know.

10. Don’t look at others: If you are checking out other women in the bar or restaurant, your date will not want to be around you anymore.

11. Don’t seem desperate: Desperation is not cute. If you are practically drooling all over her, she will not think it is sexy either.

12. Whisper: Whisper something sweet in her ear if the two of you are hitting it off. She will not only be turned on by this, but she will think it is very sexy as well.

13. By her a drink: If you see a pretty girl at the bar and she smiles, send a drink over to her. It is a sure sign that you are flirting and a way to get her to come over and talk to you.

14. Don’t appear nervous: Much like fidgeting, acting nervous is not sexy. It is not appealing at all to a woman, so do a shot before you see her and calm down.

15. Read her signals: If she is sending you signals that she wants you to leave her alone, it is probably time to part ways. If you are getting flirting from her, it definitely means she wants you to stay around.


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