Xmeeting.com: 11 Places Guys Can Meet Ladies

Meeting women can be quite difficult with everyone being glued to their phones and computers. If you are not into meeting women online, there is hope. There are women out there who like to get out of the house and explore their city. These are women that you can meet in your own neighbourhood. Xmeeting.com has some tips on where you can meet ladies.

1. Happy Hours: The alcohol may cloud your view a little bit, but happy hours are a great place to meet ladies. There are many women getting off of work and meeting her girlfriends out for drinks to unwind a little bit. You can get your guys together to go to a happy hour and you won’t look like a total creep.

2. Local Sports: By this, Xmeeting.com means that you if you are thinking about joining a team in your city, go for it. These teams often compete in co-ed settings and you may be meet the girl of your dreams as you throw a dodgeball at her.

3. The Grocery Store: It’s both difficult and easy to meet women here. Don’t make those melon puns or else you will look like a creep. Perhaps ask about her favorite spice to go on a roast or the best way to cook a ham.

4. Concerts: Talk to her line when buying beers, and perhaps buy her one. Just don’t be the drunk creep and try to grind on her when she’s dancing.

5. The Dog Park: Perhaps your dogs will play with each other and the two of you can remark about the instant connection they have. Hopefully you can get her number out of this.

6. Sporting Event: Xmeeting.com thinks that this is one of the best places to meet a lady. Women who like sports are very sexy and perhaps you two will have a little rivalry.

7. Trivia: Much like happy hour, trivia night is a great place to meet women. They literally come in as teams! What is better than a team of women?!

8. Coffee Shop: Smart and studious women hang out at coffee shops. This is a more relaxing environment and a great place for them to people watch. They may be watching you the whole time.

9. The gym: This is also a difficult place to meet women, but sometimes it works. There are always ways to talk to her in the gym without sounding like an idiot. Treat it like you would anywhere else, strike up a decent conversation.

10. The subway: You could be sitting right next to a beautiful lady, so why not take the chance and talk to her. If she has headphones in, don’t be the jerk, clearly she doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

11. Laundry Mat: Not exactly the most glamourous place to meet a woman, but they have to do their laundry at some point.


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