Top 10 Reasons Justin Trudeau Will Boost Online Dating

Women all over the world are constantly falling in love with Justin Trudeau over and over again. However it is not just women who admire him, entire countries hold him in very high regard. People admire him politically and his character seems to be attractive to everyone all over the world.

Justin Trudeau is actually boosting online dating and here are the top ten reasons why.

1. Justin Trudeau makes the family dream a reality.

Justin Trudeau has a picture perfect family with children. Many people all over the world dream about having their own white picket fence, smiling children and amazing relationship. After seeing what he has and what is possible more and more people are turning to online dating to find their soul mate so they can start creating their own perfect family.

2. Justin Trudeau is sexy

There is no disputing the fact that Justin Trudeau is sexy and he gives hope to people everywhere. He is proof that really sexy amazing men do exist. People want to find their very own Justin Trudeau and the best way to do this is to turn to online dating.

3. Justin Trudeau gives people a common ground.

All the happenings which are taking place in politics and especially what is happening with Justin Trudeau is a great way to connect with other people. On dating sites you now can fill in your political ideology. This automatically will help you connect with other people with the same ideology as you.

4. Justin Trudeau is in his 40's not his 20's

For most people who are over the age of 40 they really struggle to find someone they may be physically attracted to. Let’s face it older men don't as good as younger ones. He makes people believe that there are still sexy people around who are over 40, and once again people turn to online dating.

5. Trudeau identifies as a feminist

The fact of the matter is that Trudeau identifies as a feminist. He therefore is attracting more people to have relationships that follow a feminist dynamic. Men and women all over the world are joining dating sites to start living their lives more like him.

6. Justin Trudeau is prince charming

Women all over the world are going absolutely crazy for Justin Trudeau. He is becoming a type of prince charming to ladies everywhere. This means more ladies are joining dating sites in the hope of finding their own prince charming.

7. Something to talk about during dates

No longer is political subjects taboo on dates, in fact Justin Trudeau has created something for people to talk about. Instead of sitting around in awkward silence he is a great topic to bring up on a first date. The truth is that having something to talk already boosts online dating because people feel less anxious about those award silences.

8. Justin Trudeau has more than looks

Justin Trudeau is extremely good looking but he is also a man of strong character. This is in addition to the factor that he is a family man and very successful in politics. He appears to have it all and women are finally starting to realize that good men do exist. They are joining dating sites all the time in realizing that they don't need to settle for anything less than they deserve.

9. Justin Trudeau does what it takes

Justin Trudeau will do what it takes for things that he believes in. He has no problem fighting in a boxing match for charity and stepping out the box to get things done. People are very impressed by his actions and people are striving to become more like him. Men are joining dating sites in the hope that they too will be able to stand up for what they believe in,

10. Political dating sites are hot

There are many dating sites and dating apps out there which are geared towards politics. In fact political issues are the reason why people start talking in the first place. Justin Trudeau has done a good job of boosting online dating sites and ensuring that they become an even hotter trend than they are already.


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