The Trump Card of Online Dating: Infinite Shades of Happiness

Infinite Shades of Happiness is a book written by Andre Prince de Grace – the brutal honesty of the author has made it the most memorable book about online dating in this day and age.

Statistics show that a growing number of couples met each other online these days. More specifically, in 2019 approximately 40% of couples actually met each other on the Internet. Therefore, if online dating was a taboo topic ten years ago, it has certainly become mainstream nowadays. Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “Online dating is the No. 1 way to find a partner right now, if not the only way.” Hence, a valuable book about how to succeed in online dating is an essential tool for every online dater in modern-day society.

I’ve read almost every book about dating and relationships on the market since 1999 due to the nature of my work. Frankly, as the ghostwriter of 11 books about online dating, I thought I knew this topic inside out…until I read Andre Prince de Grace’s book Infinite Shades of Happiness.

The mind-blowing caveman/cavewoman test in this book has fundamentally improved my dating skills – I’ve personally used this technique on multiple dates and I know it works really well. Please let me explain.

Previously, I always used my logical brain to analyze each and every date because I have a profound understanding of human dynamics. Although those results were pretty good, I always felt that my game could be even better. At last, I figured out that the missing piece was I needed to switch on my primal brain.

According to Andre Prince de Grace, the caveman/cavewoman test is about forgetting rational thoughts and embracing our intuition/instinct. “The contemporary society expects us to be very analytical, but the analytical brain impedes sexual attraction,” says Andre Prince de Grace during an interview, “So I developed this caveman/cavewoman test for online daters who would like to know whether the individual they are seeing is the right person within a few minutes. Please note that no matter what he/she says to you, his/her body doesn’t lie to you. Therefore, your intuition is always right, but social conditioning and your analytical brain have talked you out of trusting your body’s wisdom and intuition.”

Indeed, if something doesn’t feel right to you, it means it’s not right. You can always trust your body which is biologically programmed to be managed by your primal brain. You don’t need further evidence or further information. If it feels off, it’s off.

Honestly, this test is a game changer in my online dating journey. In this book, Andre Prince de Grace has provided specific rationale behind each result caused by this test. And it works every single time because the results tell me exactly what’s happening in the dynamics.

More importantly, Infinite Shades of Happiness has offered me a paramount mindset shift: I must perceive that the test subject is attracted to me & I must believe that the person and I have made a connection already. This mindset is the prerequisite of doing the caveman/cavewoman test, and it turns the tables immediately. In other words, because I assume that every guy that I have dated likes me, they find me more attractive. Because of my confidence and the sexy mindset, they have become interested me.

Of course, perception isn’t necessarily the reality, but in many situations, it is.

For example, when I was on the first date with a man that I met on a dating website, I was talking and behaving as if we already made an emotional connection. And then the caveman/cavewoman test went quite well. That was the fast-track to a satisfying relationship.

That is to say, I was already behaving like his girlfriend on the first date, whereas most women would behave like an interviewer or an interviewee on the first date. Thus, a high-value guy like that chose me amongst many women that he could date via the online dating site.

“What you actually believe in will come true,” says Andre Prince de Grace, “Your thoughts influence your behaviour; your behaviour shapes your reality.”That’s probably why your perception is usually your reality and at the end becomes true reality.

(This article is written by Jade Seashell who is an Australian author and columnist. Jade studied Educational Psychology at University of South Australia and has been a dating consultant for nearly two decades. When she is not writing, she is dating high-profile men via online dating websites.)

Infinite Shades of Happiness is published by and is available from Indigo Books in Canada and Barnes and Nobles in the U.S.


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