Singles: This is a better alternative to traditional online dating

Are you seeking an alternative to both traditional online dating and the bar / club scene?

Had enough of paying monthly subscription fees to online dating sites like, Tinder and OKCupid that get you nowhere?

Why not create your very own quality dating blog?

From my experience, you would get much better quality replies.

Update it with your interests and mention when you can "by the way, I'm single and looking".

Instead of getting the losers either trying to scam you or tell reply to your profile with vacuous intros like "How are you?".. "Hello.. hello..".. "You're hot", you would much more likely get thoughtful inquiries.

I have arranged for a fantastic special free website hosting package for singles who want to "test out the waters" by trying this out.

Check out this special free package.

Try not to put too much information as far as protecting your privacy though.

Send me a message if you seek free tips.  I designed blogs like

I hope you and yours are keeping healthy and safe.


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