Three Common Questions About Asbestos

How do I know my cancer is linked to asbestos?

If you have been diagnosed with malignat mesothelioma, then you have been exposed to asbestos. This is because there are no other known causes of this type of cancer. It is only a matter of finding out when and where this exposure took place. A litigation firm that has a specialty in this area can work with you in tracing your exposure. In many instances, there is already money available to help you with treatment and compensation for your suffering.

Are all forms of asbestos dangerous?

You may have heard that there is more than one type of asbestos, and this naturally leads to the question of how many types exist as well as which ones are dangerous. The quick answer is that there are several types of asbestos, but all of them are dangerous to your health if you are exposed. Along with lung cancer, asbestos creates scarring of the lung tissue, and it can induce a disease of the lining of your lungs referred to as pleural disease.

Should I contact a lawyer about asbestos exposure?

Yes, you should, but first contact a doctor. It is important to get treatment and document any medical condition that you have that may relate to asbestos exposure. A litigation firm can be valuable in getting you the mesothelioma compensation claims you are entitled to, but your health is of primary importance. If I think I have been exposed to asbestos, make an appointment with your doctor.

Once you have seen a doctor, you can get more information about your legal rights from a victims advocacy group. One example can be found at the website of


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