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Manitoba: Uncivil Behaviour and Civil Liberties

Within the time it takes you to finish reading the next sentence, you will already have pre-determined beliefs as to what happened based on who, in your view, has a higher ‘social ranking’.

A woman with a mental disability filed a complaint against her employer, Government of Manitoba with the Labour Board and MHRC and claims she has been denied due process of her complaints.


May appear further from the truth than the way things actually are…

The family watched a documentary of a City of Victoria police officer using excessive force. The 57 second video showed the man being kneed and kicked while being handcuffed by another officer. The armchair quarterbacks in the house were totally horrified by it and stated, “Well, that’s way worst than what happened to Marie! (regarding bullish ways of Government) I mean, they got it on video and everything.”

It is truly amazing how society automatically judges without having all the facts. Our sense of fair play is based on social norms much like that of the game, Rock-Paper-Scissors. Let’s take a go at it - who do you believe?

1. Police Officer vs a Punker with spiked pink hair in metal and leather.

2. Police Officer vs a Muslim with a ceremonial dagger still sheathed.

3. Police Officer vs an Aboriginal man dressed like he's homeless.

4. Police Officer vs a clean cut regular-dressed guy coming out of a bar.

As #4 was audio taped (because someone actually cared) let's take a closer look at some known facts and test your armchair quarterbacking skills as to what would be worst:

-- one moment of physical abuse by a likely 'jacked up' street cop, or

-- ongoing psychological abuse by various government bodies at the highest level over a number of years

For starters, the guy was kicked in the back, which is instinctively wrong on many levels. On the plus side, he was not charged with any crime; nor did the police try to plant evidence on him so they could save face by making it look like he was the bad guy. Had he been charged he would have likely been advised of his rights and allowed to retain legal counsel and there would have been a hearing and a court date if he was charged. The latter being an assumption based on Canadian law.

The guy has likely gone on with his life. He likely didn't have to explain over and over again to friends, family and acquaintances, "honestly, I did nothing wrong!!" Any physical bruises have likely long since healed and as to any mental scarring – well that does heal pretty quickly when you are given a tremendous show of support for your pain and suffering. There is no black smudge on his permanent employment record. He also likely didn't lose his job over it.

At least there actually was an investigation of the officer's conduct and a decision to not lay charges on the officer was likely made in light of the fact that witnesses (not fellow police officers) did say the man did resist efforts to be handcuffed. There was an acknowledgement from the Criminal Justice Branch that the amount of force used by the officer did call “for close scrutiny" so there is admission of questionable conduct and likely be reviewed internally and further training undertaken of its police officers in an attempt to minimize the occurrence of excessive force.

In Marie's case she was repeatedly, mentally 'kicked like a dog' over a number of years that included high level government authorities entrusted to protect those most vulnerable. Marie had never been advised that her record of employment was anything but exemplary; never given an opportunity to correct misinformation from a smear campaign; there was never a proper (or any) investigation or hearing, and the online reference of personal information stated by Ombudsman as being against FIPPA and required to be removed by the Labour Board, were eventually removed 1.5 years later only to then be re-posted by the Labour Board on a different webpage of its website.. Marie's evidence is certainly stronger than a 57 second blip but rather a well documented trail of evidence spanning over three years of wrongdoing and criminal behaviour.

In Canada (where Manitoba is a province of) perjury and obstruction to justice are criminal offences and Government authorities are not (supposed to be) above the law. The world (news, newspaper, viewers on YouTube) all reacted in a tremendous outpouring of support based on a Paper Rock Scissors mentality to a 57 second footage of a regular guy being kicked in the back by a police officer as unacceptable.

Whereas Marie’s story has yet to raise an eyebrow, compassion or show of any support for her situation, or little concern for those most vulnerable to Manitoba Government's undue hardship as evidenced by a petition of 21 (as of the date of posting to over 180,000 YouTube viewers of the audiotape as stated in #4). The invisible-ness of it all even further reinforced when her story is passed over for stories such as "lies, damned lies and ..." in Winnipeg Free Press Driving them crazy about EGAD! "...parking spots" A conspiracy going on at the Winnipeg International Airport on the basis that someone had to spend 10 minutes before actually finding a parking spot.

Scissors beats paper – paper beats rock – rock beats scissors - Government beats on those most vulnerable with its bullish ways. Is MB Government #WINNING ?!!


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