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U.S. National Defense Authorization Act: Engendering Consciousness

‘They are free to commit atrocities like the September 11 attacks not only because the laws of America don’t apply to them, but the laws of God as well.’


The above statement is made in context of the United States signing the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act into law that, in turn, stimulated the following thought:

To think that a world population could be/is oblivious to the total and real power held by those of such supremacy of mind, fearless to anyone, thing or entity, from common man to an atheistic belief in God could be a reality. Such a Power without remorse or sense of emotional, moral ethics that inhibit an action, an atrocity against any ‘other’ living organism. This truth’s realization paints a dire and bleak picture for human existence into the future.

With Power so great and seemingly limitless without moral or judicial restraint; what tool of defence can the balance of humanity utilize with any probability of success?

This may prove to be the ultimate Question for humanity to collectively answer before the end of 2012; the heightened state of consciousness purported as integral, though spiritual component, to prophetic legend: Winter Solstice, 2012.

Could it be a possibility the Answer is genetically encoded to All peoples’ mind’s; awaiting the Question posed, giving credence to meaning and resolve, the strength to Action against Power suffering a severe case of amnesia or atrophy to the fact?

The next twelve months whether the mythology surrounding 2012 is realized or not, the year will prove to be one of humanity’s most vibrant and ‘lived’ ever! Buckle UP!



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