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How to end Israel's Nazi-inspired crimes? (Part-1)

Zionism: Just another name for Nazism?

The emergence of a Palestine state alone would not end genocides against Palestinians in Palestine which have been unleashed by the Zionist/Nazi terror military, unless the Jews would still continue to kill them on some other fictitious pretexts.

Today, Nazi policies of anti-Islamism have dominated the world politics; Majority fanaticism in Switzerland and Belgium, both European “democracies”, is just an outward expression of what democracy really means. It is a global shame that many Englishmen, Americans, including their home terror minister Hillary Clinton, support the Zionist/Nazi crimes against humanity.

In Mideast, Israel and fascist polices dictate terms to others. Convinced that victory of diplomacy means establishment of Palestine state, Israel deliberately makes US Mideast diplomacy fail.

Today Israel is facing the most crucial acid test for the first time since it occupied the Palestine lands and began killing them to expand the illegal settlements. USA is pushing Tel Aviv, which uses its lobbyists to follow up with Pentagon-FBI-Mossad joint operations around the world, to do what it always refused.

Obviously, Israel, Jews and Mossad terror strategists just hate President Obama for trying to cripple Israeli fascist instincts and to become normal humans to comprehend the risks and consequences of deliberate arrogance.

Supported and protected by UNSC-5, USA and UK, the Zionist regime is yet to realize the fact that it must cede all the occupied lands of Palestinians to enable them to make a home for themselves and live without fear of repeated terror attacks from Israel. It evades responsibility for the genocides and destructions in Palestine, rejects any diplomacy to establish the much delayed Palestine state and ensure Mideast peace. World has tolerated Israeli atrocities to such an extent that now, it appears, peace in Mideast, and world over, depends solely on Zionist regime.

In fact, Israel let all negotiations fail and the failed negotiations have only led to an acceleration of Israel’s land grab in the Holy City of Jerusalem which the Palestinians want to make their capital. Tel-Aviv expects that a final Israeli-Palestinian agreement would grant sovereignty over Jewish-occupied areas to Israel and hence the reckless expansion of settlements with American collaboration. Israeli planners have spent time pushing settlers into heavily Arab-inhabited areas of the city, such as Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan, and Abu Dis, in order to create fresh “facts on the ground” -- a tactic used by the Zionist movement for over a century in order to obtain control over more and more of Palestine.

Zionist regime advances its settlement proliferations meticulously. Israel has brutally occupied East Jerusalem since 1967. It annexed the area in 1981 and sees it as its exclusive domain. Under international law the area is occupied territory and the international community does not recognize Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem. Since 1967, virtually every time a U.S. envoy has arrived to discuss the fate of the West Bank or Gaza, the Israeli government of the day has bluntly shown who is really boss, usually with a carefully timed unilateral expansion of Israel’s presence in the occupied territories.

Since the 1970’s, Israel has illegally settled close to half a million of its citizens in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This in addition t other illegal Zionist activities in Palestine like the building a barrier mainly inside the West Bank on Arab-owned land that is longer and taller than the Berlin Wall.

Proliferation of illegal settlements in Palestine territories is the key agenda of Israel since its placement among Arabs by the then powerful UK and USA. Israeli system promotes only arrogant leaders to promote fascist settlements in Palestine. Israeli settlements in the parts of the city that lie across the Green Line are in clear contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which forbids an occupying power from moving its own population into occupied territory.

Today, so much so, an extremist and hawkish Israeli terrorist premier B. Netanyahu cannot control his own government. After the Cold war, especially after 1991, as the U.S. military presence grew in the Middle East, Washington’s overt bias toward Israel became a growing liability for the USA.

As part of permanent occupation, Israel pursues anti-Palestine policy rigorously, like takeovers of key buildings; strategically placed new housing developments, roads, and infrastructure; extensive archaeological excavations; and the digging of a vast network of tunnels under and around the Old City were intended to fragment Arab East Jerusalem and permanently incorporate it into Israel.

With a view to mocking the peace brokers, Israel keeps expanding the illegally occupied territories. Recently, on March 9, Israel’s Interior Ministry announced the approval of the fourth stage in a seven-part approval process for the construction of 1,600 residential units in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Ramat Shlomo. Geographically, Ramat Shlomo is in north Jerusalem, within the city’s municipal boundaries, and successive Israeli governments have insisted that they would never relinquish these areas in any final settlement with the Palestinians.

By playing into the dirty hands of the Israeli-US lobbyists, the presidents Bill Clinton, global dictators father G. H.W. Bush and son GW. Bush failed to prevent settlement expansion and the closure and encirclement of East Jerusalem. In consequence, none of them resolved the issue of Jerusalem. The biggest obstacle the Obama administration must now overcome is the legacy of these two decades of failed policies.

No wonder, terror premier for the second time, B. Netanyahu has said that no other Israeli prime minister in the past 46 years has been asked to stop building in Jerusalem, which would be unacceptable to his right-wing coalition partners. It is evident after Netanyahu's statements that this Israeli government is determined to continue the course of settlements, dictation and confrontation and not peace and reconciliation. It seems Netanyahu had offered measures including easing the blockade on Gaza, releasing prisoners, freezing the controversial building project in Ramat Shlomo for two years, and agreeing to discuss borders and the status of Jerusalem. In Washington, a US state department spokesman said there had been "good give and take" with the Israelis and the “status quo is not sustainable". Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said the Palestinians "should give the proximity talks the chance they deserve".

Fascist Israel keeps the internal divides among the Palestinians, like Fatah and Hamas, alive by using the Mossad agents inside the Palestinian territories, fuelling the internal crises further so that they don’t have any time even to think about an independent Palestine for a secured life for the people. Both Fatah and Hamas behave like third-rate scoundrels of Mossad agency -- and not as responsible freedom seekers who would jointly wage the struggle to cripple all the terror tactics of oppressors from Israel.

Fatah and Hamas leaders, on their part, are yet to decide whether they should wage a united struggle for sovereignty and Palestine state.

It is foolish to expect a weak and divided Palestinian polity to deliver a final settlement or stand by it. The U.S. government’s reluctance to allow Fatah and Hamas to establish a consensus political platform and produce a coalition government that can negotiate effectively would not promote the peace process Obama has initiated. Ultimately, the Palestinians must resolve their own debilitating internal problems themselves.

Notwithstanding the US rhetoric, America remains an instinctively pro-Israel country. And, US presidents before Obama have destroyed the peace movement in Mideast in hosting conferences and inviting Zionist leaders for talks and dinner. Threatened by the chances of Mideast peace under Obama leadership, now, the US-Israeli lobbyists even argue that a unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood, in the absence of a final settlement agreement with Israel, would destroy the US-Israel relationship. They oppose Palestine state and support the holocausts of defenceless Palestinians.

All this offers enough scope for Israeli leadership to prolong the peace process. Israelis continues to take actions which destroy the credibility of Palestine. Global media are being used for advancing Zionist goals too. Today, Israeli-US strategists like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (known as AIPAC) are presenting views to the Zionist fascists to erase all Jerusalem’s Palestinian and Islamic heritages and also part of the heritage of all mankind that makes this city so important to the entire world.

It is now evident that Arab leaders, seeking petrodollars and western arms and other terror goods, operate as US stooges. Saudi Arabia and other pro-US Arab leaders have cooperated with CIA in hatching the Sept-11 conspiracy and maintaining secrecy in tact.

It is an Islamic shame that some of the Arab nations, having lost Islamic guidance in favour of western corrupt liquor culture, employ their Muslim employees and workers hired from the third world to divide Muslims in their countries; they also play dirty games with the lives of Palestinians by supporting the anti-Islamic terrorist nations led by the USA and UK.

Against the trends of Zionist fascism, Palestine leaders seem to be interested more in money than sovereignty and independence which why many defenseless Palestinians die at the terror hands of occupying Jews. PLO chief Abbas has not comprehended the danger emanating from all anti-Islamic and the Arab nations whose double-speak on Islam has petrified Zionist terror mindset. Palestine leaders behave like stupid guys who are unable to understand the Israeli mindset. They get innocent Palestinians killed by the fascist Jewish terrorists.

Why they need political parties when they have no sovereignty and freedom to live peaceful? PLO chief Abbas should come forward to forge unified Palestine front at least to show the world their resolve for a Palestine state. Earlier, the better!

About the writer:

Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst; Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher. Website: http://www.abdulruff.wordpress.com.


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