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India and Israel: Anti-Islamic Terror Collaboration

Colonialist powers obviously have a vested interest in coming closer to pursue joint terror operations aiming at their perceived common "enemy" secretly.

And triclomacy helps all of them to achieve their horrid ends by fooling the world keeping it at a distance.

As of late, Indian leaders keep visiting Israel on secret missions and their real motive behind their voyage to a “Zionistic” Fascist criminal regime is not disclosed even by the media.

The anti-Islamic objective of India in forging closer military is not a secret anymore. The Sept-11 hoax has offered fresh impetus to all anti-Islamic nations and forces to target Islam and Muslims, and both Israel and India made maximum use of these global terrorist trends in crushing the Muslims under their control.

Many crypto-fascist terror strategist s have visited India occupied Jammu Kashmir and supplied terror good to kill Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir (JK) where Hindus are protected by military, police, governor and other institutions as special citizens. Hindus in JK aid the Indian state terrorists in liking Muslims in that nation while the leaders of puppet government in Srinagar, minting money ad putting them on foreign and Indian accounts, just take instructions from New Delhi. All that India wants in JK is a puppet government to obey their orders in killing Muslims.

The USA-UK terror twins have for centuries forged imperialist coalition with colonialist partners, reaping benefits at the cost of weaker nations and humanity at large. Post-independent India has, with blessings of former killer boss UK, is slowly but gradually come closer to both USA and Israel on "terrorism" and anti-Islamism planks, aiming at terror operations against Muslims.

Thus far New Delhi has been whole sale buyer of Russian arms and other terror goods essentially to "deal" with Muslims so that the notorious Hindutva forces in all political outfits, seeking to promote exclusive Hindu interests at home and abroad as well as contribute to the anti-Islamic trends, could easily silence them once for all. And India has achieved all this fairly easily thanks mainly to CIA engineered Sept-11, followed by India's able contribution to terror attacks like in Parliament, Hyderabad, Ajmeer, Mumbai Taj attacks, etc.

Considering the favours the state terror links, directed by the CIA, have so far offered to India, the terror strategists want India pursue arms deals across the world. India is now eager to acquire terror goods from all important terrocracies such as USA, France, Japan, so that it could move still closer to jointly control the politics.

For years now, the Kashmiri Muslims are being butchered by occupying post-paid Indian state terrorists in democracy uniforms and total number of martyrs in Jammu Kashmir seems to have crossed 100,000 souls. India justifies its crimes against humanity by hiding behind the NATO terror syndicate led by USA-UK terror twins engaged in killing Muslims in occupied Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere.

As a contemporary colonizer, India does not want to easily surrender the sovereignty to struggling Kashmiris. While looking around for new suppliers of arms and other terror goods, New Delhi prefers those terrrocracies that have similar problems so that they could coordinate their terror operations.

Bulks of Indian Muslims are political fellows pursuing the vote bank politics to help their parental communal parties like Congress, BJP and outfits exploiting the weakened position of Muslims to advance the Hindu agenda jointly. Muslims supporting the ruling Congress led UPA regime are the dirtiest people because is because of their continued support to Congress and similar Hindu parties that Indian regime has gone ahead with expanding the ties with Zionist criminal state known as Israel.

The regime and political parties at par with the bureaucrats in India treat Muslims as "things" that could be disposed once the “job" is done.. India treats Muslims in a fashion similar to Americans treating the Pakistanis as being "nothing".

Now India is using Israel for arms and liquor imports as well as US close connection.

India has employed Israeli terror good to kill Muslim in occupied Jammu Kashmir as if the traditional Russian stuff is not enough.

It is not only against the Kashmir Muslims that India has been entertaining the lawless Israeli regime but also to bully the Indian Muslims.

India has been pestering the Zionist criminal regime to open some more consulate terror missions in Indian towns obviously to help with anti-Islamism.

Muslim League, a coalition partner of Congress led UPA government in New Delhi, is apparently happy with sharing the profits of the regime by keeping ministerial portfolios. Muslim League, like other Muslim parties and organizations are being employed profitably by Indian regime and Hindu parties to garner vote bank for the Congress party. This so-called Muslim outfit just supports whatever the Hindu Congress party says or does. They have lost their voice to defend Islam, get the Babri Mosque rebuilt as promised by the state and other anti-Islamic policies of Indian regime.

As a result, the hapless Muslims continue to be insulted and injured by the anti-Islamic outfits.

Muslims are at the mercy of majority people.

This explains why the ruling Congress led UPA simply goes ahead with expanding immoral ties with anti-Islamic Israel for terror goods and support for anti-Islamism. The Congress party, in keeping with the right Hindutva party BJP policy of coming closer with Israel, has given priority to ties with Zionist terrorist regime.

It took years for India to recognize Israel thanks to anti-Islamic BJP led NDA regime. Outwardly India supports the Palestine issue, but India shamelessly cultivated ties with Israel secretly for years and now openly goes for strengthening terror links.

India seems to be fascinated by the Zionist high precision cluster bombs that are being used against the besieged Palestinians and New Delhi might have decided to get some to deal with Kashmiri Muslims so that Muslim population in India could be sufficiently reduced. Arab nations might also take the Indian line of openly cultivating the Zionist criminals.

India considers Israel, an American proxy, as its "reliable" partner in anti-Muslimism, state terrorism and fanaticism would like to forge an effective Indo-US-Israeli gang so that it could somehow garner a veto handle for the notorious UNSC.

By making a trip to Israel now when Iran is being bullied by Israel and USA, the "intelligent" Indian leaders send a signal to Iran and USA that India is serious about anti-Islamism and ready to be employed by the concerned and unconcerned for huge price.

Muslims should be very cautious about terror ploys of India. Whenever Indian cricket team loses matches, India shamelessly uses issues of Muslims and Islam to divert their horrid state of mind. India used have terror attacks when Indian team lost matches, but these days no such attempts.

India leaders are now openly fooling Indian Muslims.... Of course they have a valid reason for this misbehavior and terror instinct.

What can the Muslims do in non-Islamic or rather anti-Islamic India?

About the writer:

Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst; Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher. Website: http://www.abdulruff.wordpress.com.


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