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US-NATO's war of Colonial Aggression



Humanity once again confronts the NATO threat of extended world war in order to maintain the exploitative capitalist system.

Imperialism and colonialism survive and thrive on lies their media spread with long terms goals in perspective. As a result, the gap between observed reality and US/NATO official rhetoric was wider than the ocean.

Sabotages abroad, including in Soviet Union, declarations of missions “accomplished” followed by denials have been the hallmark of US policy even during the World war-II as well as so-called Cold war. None in the world, including in USA and UK, therefore, inclines to believe anything US official spokesmen have to say about Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq or even Iran anymore. The dramas of terrorism and insurgency reported by the global fascist media cannot be trusted at the face value, since the media just obediently blast the news and opinions as asked by the CIA and allies.

The CIA modus operandi in pursuing the imperialist aims in Mideast is now all too familiar. A targeted regime, like Iraq or Libya, is denounced with hypocritical invocations of human rights violations after the US and its allies promote civil war in the country and then utilize the inevitable repression as the pretext for intervention.

In late December 2011 an opposition “Syria National Council” was announced, to “liberate the country”, representatives met with Hilary Clinton. There now seems to be a US – endorsed “Syrian Revolutionary Council.”

The “human rights” sentiments expressed by Bush, Obama, Clinton and allies are as much fake as the Sept-11 and similar hoaxes around the world.

From Afghanistan to Iraq to Pakistan to Libya to Iran now to Syria, the ‘archons’ and their nasty media networks have harboured the same themes. The ’archons’ with many public front which include intelligence agencies, are seeking to orchestrate regime changes to place pro-‘archon’ puppets at the helm of affairs for advancing British and American imperial energy and other fascist ambitions.

Bush Jr who sent US state terrorists to search WMD, Osama and kill Saddam, categorically asserted that was on terror had ended in 2003 itself since the task was “accomplished” by the terror operations and other types of vandalism of NATO terrorists in Baghdad. When the Arab leader and Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was assassinated by the CIA henchmen, world thought the war has indeed ended. But USA did not end the war because it was a war for energy resources of the region. Again in 2005 America announced the closure of terror war only to fool the world .

Even in 1957, Iraq’s oil was at the top of the US agenda, of which Syria held an important key. Today, it is Iran’s . The road to Tehran is through Damascus. NATO was engineering a CIA-MI6 plan to mount minor sabotage and coup de main incidents within Syria, working through contacts with individuals. NATO attempt was to stage fake border incidents as an excuse for an invasion of Syria by Syria’s pro-western neighbors. Those targeted were: Abd al-Hamid Sarraj, Head of Military Intelligence; Afif al-Bizri, Chief of Syrian General Staff: and Khalid Bakdash, who headed the Syrian Communist Party. Incursions in to Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, would involve: “sabotage, national conspiracies, and various strong arms activities”, were to be blamed on Damascus.

The archons planned fomenting internal uprisings and replacing the Ba’ath-Communist-leaning government, with a Western, user-friendly one. Sept-11 hoax was a part of this wide conspiracy for energy loot planned by Bush Sr. as the then chief of CIA. In late December 2011 an opposition “Syria National Council” was announced, to “liberate the country”, representatives met with Hilary Clinton. There now seems to be a US – endorsed “Syrian Revolutionary Council.”

Media gimmicks of war euphoria are not new. NATO oriented global fascist media (GFM) have been for quite some time generating tensions by fuelling an Israeli attack on Iran ad now with a view to coerce Syrian to CIA tunes the feature is being once again reactivated.

The GFM carries out a relentless campaign of aggression aimed at transforming Iran and Syria—both key trading and strategic partners with Moscow and Beijing with billions of dollars in arms contracts and tens of billions of dollars more in investments —into neo-colonial puppet states of American imperialism.

The danger of a US/Israeli attack on Iran was made clear by chief drone terrorist and US President B. Obama, threatening to engulf the Middle East and spread internationally. While the US and its allies insist that Iran must satisfy “international concerns” about its nuclear programs, the they are silent about the really dangerous Israeli nukes. Obama signed measures into law on December 31 to penalize foreign corporations and banks doing business with the Central Bank of Iran, though already, economic sanctions have hit the Iranian economy hard..

These media tactfully promoted US-UK interests during and after the WW-II and trend continues in tact to date.


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