Nova Scotia: Robo-calling scandal linked to Shipbuilding Contract

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HALIFAX ( -- Believe it or not, the recent issues of robo-calling and the untendered PR campaign regarding the federal shipbuilding contract are connected. One is a puzzle of fraudulent phone calls made nine months ago during the federal election designed to mislead voters while the other questions why Nova Scotia spent $620,000 on a publicity campaign that was not needed. The public deserves to know what happened in each case. Perhaps everything is okay, simple errors were made, or perhaps something more sinister is at work. But since our political system has been subverted, we probably will never know.

The legislature is our government oversight committee. One of its jobs is to investigate the operations of government to make sure government is working correctly and within the law. Without a strong legislature we don’t know what government is doing. But in Canada things don’t work that way. Why? Because the government controls the legislature.

The Nova Scotia Legislature's public accounts committee rejected a motion to ask questions of a certain individual because the Premier did not wish it. Canada’s Parliament also will probably never get to the bottom of the robo-calling issue since the chance of any parliamentary committee looking into it is remote so long as the Conservatives hold a majority. Both cases demonstrate the need for a formal separation of government and legislature both Federally and Provincially. Until that occurs governments will continue to serve their interests and not the public’s.

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