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Kashmir -- India's Justice and Humanity

US President Barack Obama, reported by Hindustan Times, July 18, 2012, having said that "Kashmir solution lies within". The US leader responding to a question stressed the point that India and Pakistan must resolve their issues, including that of JAMMU & KASHMIR. Indian media is trying to project the statement of the superpower in consonance with India´s claim about Kashmir’s "hunky dory" political status quo.

Though the principle stand of US government has always been that Kashmir question is unresolved and US backed by the international community including United Kingdom expect India and Pakistan, both nuclear nations having a history of fighting wars, to give peaceful negotiations a good chance to solve the problem "bilaterally" as per the wish of the people of Kashmir. It seems India has misunderstood the message and believes in dragging the issue as much as possible and hopes for some miracle to happen in the meantime.

Deutsche Welle in its issue of 16/07/2012 reported that Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama on his recent visit to Kashmir said that dialogue was the only way to resolve Kashmir issue. Dalai Lama, though, misquoted by Indian media recognises the need to settle Kashmir issue as he knows that people of Kashmir have given huge sacrifices and unprecedented brutal violence faced by Kashmiris cannot simply be brushed under the carpet.

Zee News, July 18, 2012 reports quoting Indian army sources that Kashmiri militants are regrouping and the situation, according to Lt Gen Om Prakash, is alarming. Lt Gen Prakash also surmised that there might be some suicide attacks on army in the days to come. In its news report of July 19, 2012, hindustantimes quotes Indian Chief Minister Omar Abdullah rubbishing the army statement and snubs army generals statement that situation in Kashmir was alarming. The army report that "alQaida" is present in Kashmir is merely the general´s figment of imagination and an attempt to cash on the premise to continue its reported crimes in Kashmir. The "suicide attacks" is unknown to Kashmir as they traditionally do not approve in harming innocent and unarmed people. The two objectives that Indian army wants to achieve are to mislead the international community projecting the fight against occupation as terrorism and secondly prepare the ground for future killings with impunity.

In order to maintain the political status quo and flog the dead horse, India uses brute force to exhaustion desperately trying different strategy in the likeness of ´divide and rule´ and in this context the burning of Dastgir Sahib (Sufi Shrine) a conspiracy was hatched recently to ignite a new sectarian conflict of Wahhabism against Sufi culture. Kashmir maintaining its secular tradition nipped it in the bud.

Human right violation which is nothing unusual elsewhere in India has crossed all boundaries in Kashmir. 4% Pandits under a plan allowed to sneak out during the dark hours of night, gave Indian army ample opportunity to pounce on the local population to kill indiscriminately in an attempt to create a fear psychosis and break the will of people to ask for their political rights.

Not in the distant past, taking the cue from his mentor A B Vajpayee, BJP's (Bhartiya Janata Party) Rajnath embarked on a tedious mission to offer a solution for Kashmir imbroglio, hoping to use his magic wand of 'Insaniyat' (humanity) based on the charms best known to him. While talking about ´Insaaf´ (justice) he plays the card of regionalism, a deft mechanism to further complicate the messed up knotty political situation. In order to deliver ´justice´, Rajnath without mincing words spells out the principle stand of the powers at the helm in India to harp the cadence of ´integral part´ and moot a point to offer some solution within the constitution of India. The statement anyone can see smacks of arrogance, dictatorial attitude and colonial bent of mind.

Anna Hazare’s lieutenant Prashant Bhushan, after the adversary’s satisfying thrashing by a militant Hindu in the recent past, is again in the limelight. A complaint lodged in an Indian court for his ´anti-national activity´, a support for the just struggle of Kashmiris, a solution as per the wish of people who own it, is awaiting an expected adverse decision to give some a sadistic pleasure. According to complainant Vibhor Anand, Prashant’s action (supporting Kashmir cause) amounts to injustice and inhumanity. The list of lovers of justice and humanity includes big names the likes of Justice Tarkunde, Arundhati Roy and many more, following the foot-steps of Jai Prakash Narayan, and all are resolved with conviction to support Kashmir’s just and legitimate cause.

Kashmir is used to turbulent situations from times immemorial and the last two decades memories are fresh with graveyards full of martyrs, scars of hundreds of rapes, disappearances as a result of torture chamber discoveries buried in unmarked graves, razing of property worth millions and repetition of facing confinement behind doors through rampant and continuous curfews.

Humanity and justice are interpreted in a variety of manner by India and such meanings only pertain to a given situation in the trouble torn Kashmir. Naivety, frustration and inept and brazen handling of desperate expansionist designs, it seems, has taken its toll and the echelons of power in India tend to bury their head in sand.


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