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Mumbai attacks an Inside job, says Indian official

"People think that a liar gains a victory over his victim...There are no white lies, there is only the blackest of destruction, and a white lie is the blackest of all." (Ayn Rand)

It is widely believed that Indian Intelligence, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) beat Pakistan’s (Inter Services Intelligence) ISI hollow in every department of the game and resources available to RAW allow putting Pakistan in complete disarray. The internal turmoil infested with terrorism, many believe, sponsored from outside has crippled the country and is on the verge of a collapse. It may look like a mission accomplished for India but Pakistan, it seems, has the strength, resilience and abiding faith to come out of the rut and designed messed up situation.

As reported by Times of India (July 14, 2013) the former Indian home ministry officer and investigator Satish Verma disclosed that "incumbent government orchestrated and pre-planned terror attacks on its own parliament (December 13, 2001) and carnage in Mumbai (November 26, 2008)" creating terror, mayhem and pandemonium, killing hundreds of innocent people in cold blood. India’s home ministry under-secretary R V S Mani submitted signed affidavits in the court to substantiate Satish Verma’s stated factual report that both the terror attacks were a set up.

The targets chosen by army intelligence of "Bribe Republic" (Referred to by an Indian TV channel) chose targets carefully as the Taj Hotel of Mumbai is a known tourist, business tycoons and political elites deluxe five star hotel accommodation. The other special target chosen was the parliament house known world over as a symbol of ´democratic institution´.

"Ajmal Qasab", many believe is not his real name, became a victim of Indian army and intelligence intrigue who in an interrogation revealed video talks of Bhagwan (god), has no knowledge about Jihad and has never prayed in an Islamic way. He together with other stage-managed characters who went on a killing spree in Delhi or Mumbai were allowed to finish the job as per the script and then systematically done away with either through spot killing or orchestrated court hearings leading to "Qasab’s" execution.

On the face of it, the report establishes the reason behind the mass murder as an objective to strengthen the counter-terror legislation already in use in Kashmir and elsewhere in several uprisings all over India. It may be recalled that India received a great deal of flak internationally for using draconian laws (TADA, NSA, JKPSA, POTA, and AFSPA to name the few) allowing Indian army to kill anyone with impunity. It is also believed that the momentum Kashmir independence movement gained in recent decades unnerved India and to taint and discredit Kashmir’s freedom movement India believes a weak and disturbed Pakistan to be the only answer. The ground reality of Kashmir has not changed whatsoever.

The unprecedented human right violations in Kashmir assuming dangerous proportions did not escape the eyes of international community and to legitimize the imposition of draconian laws already in place, few covert operations sufficed to justify oppressive measures to crush the popular uprising. The dramas enacted at the cost of innocent lives resulting in atrocities and terrors were conveniently pinned on Pakistan and Kashmiri freedom fighters seeking independence from India.

The recent Verma revelations smashed Indian political intrigues to smithereens as it must be mentioned that the malevolent operations were, unfortunately, sanctified and blessed by interested quarters on international level giving India political leverage to become a law unto itself. Now, after the revelations exposing the truth; all those international quarters must come forward to denounce the Indian action and seek answers for all the innocents killed for ego, geographical ambitions based on nostalgia.

The track-record of Indian intelligence RAW for conspiracies like Samjhota Express massacre are numerous which initially are blamed on Pakistan and invariably turning out to be acts of India’s serving army officers. Similar other episodes of terror plots within India have always been an inside job and conveniently managed to put blame on Pakistan or Kashmiri freedom fighters. India gets encouraged in such terrorism adventures due the support it receives from certain quarters internationally especially after 9/11.

Kashmir was deprived of its second son of the soil after Kashmir’s father of the nation Shaheed Maqbool Bhat was hanged at the same spot where decades later Afzal Guru is buried recently. India implicated Guru in the parliament terror attack as the young medical student was accused of plotting the attack and later hanged in a jiffy in Delhi’s notorious Tihar jail. Kashmir put alight came out on the roads to protest for killing an innocent man resulting in further killings of youth and crushing the demonstrators with an iron hand imposing curfews for weeks on. Indian government brazenly defended Guru’s execution as per the law and stated that Guru was sentenced finding him guilty on circumstantial evidence. Now that Satish Verma let the cat out of the bag; the chances of Kashmir burning again in much bigger way cannot be ruled out.

International Community and United Nations must rise to the occasion and seek answers from India for its actions which can backfire and throw the situation out of hands doing damage beyond repair. In order to maintain peace in the region, the Hindu terror groups of India need to be checkmated.

Arundhati Roy, a human-right activist, a rebel and a philanthropist very rightly asked a pertinent question, "Who are more dangerous than Afzals and Kasabs?" Ms Roy always maintained that India has no legal right to be in Kashmir and sincerely advises Delhi to stop using force and coercion to keep people of Kashmir subjugated using guns, intimidation and harassment. Kashmir has never been a part of India, she says.


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