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Kashmir Observes India-Pakistan Political Gamesmanship

US Secretary of State John Kerry calls (January 09, 2016) Pakistani Prime Minister Nawas Shareef stressing the need to carry on with the ongoing dialogue process to find amicable solution to the political problems. This comes soon after an airbase in Indian Punjab came under attack by armed militants killing nearly half a dozen army personnel. Pakistan infested with deadly terrorism blames India using Afghanistan soil to organize terror groups to destabilize so that Pakistan is left with no space to seek redressal for Kashmir in distress.

A sudden unexpected air-dash made by Prime Minister Modi to Lahore was seen as a result of international pressure coming from powerful capitals of the West. Mr Modi had just finished his official visit to big capitals like Washington, Paris and London and after the culminating visit to Afghanistan paid a short surprise visit to Pakistan. Political observers did not expect anything concrete to happen but termed the visit as a start perhaps with an honest and good intent. As expected, within days the attack on Indian airbase sent the dialogue process back to square one.

The powers that be on international level consider unresolved Kashmir as a nuclear flashpoint and a good gesture offered to work toward finding an amicable solution is taken as a weakness rather than a constructive disposition to save the universe from a foreseeable precarious and catastrophic outcome. Unfortunately, human-right violations, ethnic cleansing and intolerance towards minorities guided by religious fundamentalism become an impediment to strengthen initiatives for attaining world peace and security.

Canada in spite of good economic relations with India supported Kashmir strongly stating its official position that Kashmir needs a solution as per the wish of people of Kashmir. Prime Minister, Louis Stephen St-Laurent of Canada (1948-57) is on record to have iterated that plebiscite the only viable solution must be conducted under United Nations supervision. T hereafter the line drawn by its successive leaders regarding Kashmir is strictly followed to maintain the country´s official stand.

VETO power nations have all along put direct or indirect pressure on India and Pakistan to find a solution to Kashmir. Not a single member of United Nations Security Council accepts the claim that "Kashmir is an integral part of India”. India´s newly bonded political relationship Israel´s Avigdor Lieberman, a well known politician on March 14, 2011 stated that if Western world helps resolve Kashmir, it can then help in resolution of Israeli-Palestinian conflict too.

Keeping the history of India-Pakistan fighting wars in view; deteriorating political relations at the lowest ebb sent alarming bells throughout the world and eyeball to eyeball with each other busy multiplying nuclear and conventional weapons creates a dangerous scenario.

The mounting international pressure put on warring countries is expected to avoid full-fledged military confrontation jeopardizing global peace and security. The political observers internationally are apprehensive for a permanent cold war like situation that exists in the Indian sub-continent and the sincerity of purpose to develop good neighbourly relations is a question mark as ever.

India´s share of Samaritans believing in peace, human and political rights voice their concern for injustice, violence and political victimization. Indian minister for Food and Consumer Affairs Ram Vilas Paswan on January 12, 2016 referring to the attack on Indian airbase said that Pakistan does not support terrorism and on the contrary is a victim of terrorism. Mr Paswan added that terrorism related incidents have not only hit India but Pakistan as well as more people are being killed in Pakistan than India. Indian media always creates propaganda against Pakistan, Paswan concluded.

DNA India.com reports that Indian intelligence received ´inputs´ about specially trained fighters from Kashmir three days before the attack on the airbase in Punjab. The report further said that documents accessed show that on December 30, 2015 ´security agencies´ in Kashmir had sent out information about the group to conduct ´terror´ in the Indian city. The report is very much in contrast with the blame put on some group from Pakistan.

India´s leading newspaper Hindu reports of violent clashes of Kashmiri young and old with Indian occupational army routinely crushed with an iron hand as the death of youths force people to come out on the roads to protest finishing in brick batting matched with teargas, pellets and bullets. The state of affairs as the world has witnessed for the last sixty six years continues unabated.

Kashmir historically has been an independent, sovereign nation with a written constitution, two houses of parliament (Praja and Rajya Sabha), and its own flag; an established political status that puts at rest all claims of integration with any neighbouring country. Kashmir´s Foreign Minister Dewan Amar Nath is known to have represented Kashmir ably and with astute confidence on international level.

The clear intent to outwit each other to express and show to the world that a genuine effort is being made to work for peace is glaringly visible. The new problems in the form of terror attack like Airbase in Indian Punjab followed by storming into Pakistan International Airlines office in Indian capital by religious fundamentalists are planned on purpose to stall any progress on dialogue process yet to start. In a nutshell, a solution acceptable to people of Kashmir can be the right and workable solution guaranteeing peace and prosperity for the whole region. Bilateral talks envisaged will not serve the purpose but worsen the situation to result in doom and peril instead.


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