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Timely kiss saves life of a Kashmiri Muslim

A timely kiss of life by a Kashmiri Pandit Kuldeep Raina, a Master in Computer Applications, saved nearly dying Kashmiri Muslim on Delhi metro. (Reports jknni.com, 01 March, 2018) A heart patient travelling from Delhi to Ajmer in UP was brought back to life with chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation. Raina, emotionally attached to his motherland, later termed the incident as ´some divine intervention´.

Kashmiri Pandits, true nationalists, religiously upheld culture, ethos, music and traditions of Kashmir from times immemorial. One hundred percent literate community contributed towards education of illiterate Muslim majority considered to be an historical achievement. Traditionally, Pandits and Muslims have lived for hundreds of years amicably sharing peace and solidarity.

Satish Raina’s nostalgia reminds him of the memories of a paradise lost; refreshing breeze of snow-clad high peak mountains, songs of birds and all that the Switzerland of Asia is famous for the world over. Raina painfully mentions his ninety-five year old mother though flaccid but strong in retrospection narrating her sentimental attachment she cherishes about ´Maej Kasheer´ (Mother Kashmir).

Her words full of anguish, very touching and heartrending narration is hard to endure when she says "Hatba Mohanlal; czhe´ wante´ mey, asi kayizi pouew Kashiri nearun; naar hassa chhu yeti asmaane´ wasaan; keah goym keah goym, tim sheen´ koh aeas behtar; waeh Bhagwane´; mey gaczhe soi panin shiehij awreyn aase´n. Yeti be´ sahal paeth praan trawaha. (O Mohanlal, tell me why did we have to leave Kashmir; it is like burning hell coming down from skies; Gosh, those snow-clad mountains were lot better; O, God I need to go back to my comforting cremation ground; where I would complacently leave for the hereafter)

Pandit Raj Nath Turki writes to his friend Engineer Mushtaq Banday from Jammu stating that ´I came here in end July, 1990 that too when Indian ´security forces´ at Karan Nagar asked us to leave. The facsimile of original letter is published at Kashmir-issue.com/kashmiripandits.html . Turki very clearly is pained to leave his homeland and is observant of the sinister conspiracy hatched to create a mischief unprecedented.

Late Dilip Padgoankar, former editor Times of India, in conversation with Saeed Naqvi, a leading Indian journalist quipped "Kashmiri Pandits are being fooled". Padgoankar further stated that Kashmir is a mixed problem of complex geo-political circumstances, and political will. While criticising government of India´s appointment of various interlocutors whose hands are tied as they all have to abide by certain boundaries those cannot be crossed. He even made a mention of the promised word accepted as factuality locally and on international level.

Professor Manohar Nath Tickoo makes no bones about his migration from Kashmir saying "the fact remains that not a single Muslim forced us to leave. I and my neighbours never wanted my family to leave but there was definitely a massive psychological fear created by unknown agencies against the Kashmiri Pandits which forced us to leave. I believe that Kashmiri Pandits should have remained in the Valley and fought the freedom struggle with their fellow Muslim citizens.

Emotional Pandit Jai Krishen Bhat thanks Kashmiri Muslim boy for saving his son during flash floods in Kashmir which killed over four hundred and rendered hundreds of thousands homeless and says "Let me thank an unknown Muslim young boy who helped my son to come out of flood water in Indra Nagar Sun Rise Villa. The gentleman promised my son what may come I will help you. I can only pray may God bless him".

Aditya Sinha Editor-in-Chief of Bombay based DNA India refutes the claim of certain quarters saying "The J&K relief commissioner, says there are 38,119 families comprising 1.42 lakh persons registered as migrants. Another 21,684 Pandit families are registered outside the state, most of them in Delhi; that´s another 80,000 persons.

The government also says 219 Kashmiri Pandits were killed since 1989; Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti puts the figure not much higher at 399. It is no argument to say these numbers do not give the real picture, because by the same token you would then have to accept the claim that the government´s figures on killed or missing Kashmiri Muslims is vastly underestimated. Needless to say, 399 killed does not equate to genocide, another term used loosely by conservatives when describing the Kashmiri Hindu plight".

The Indian leader Sardar Vallabhai Patel had rightly envisioned that "Kashmir is a slippery ground" as Patel had understood the difference between right and wrong. Pandit Nehru taken for a ride by the likes of Kauls, Damodhars, Peshins, Kotrus Kilams etc. was forced to put is heart out to keep on saying "People seem to forget that Kashmir is not a commodity for sale or to be bartered. It has an individual existence and its people must be the final arbiters of their future" and Nehru also said,

"If we did anything of the kind our government would not last many days and there would be no peace....it would lead to war with Pakistan because of public opinion here and of war-like elements coming in control of our policy".

The fact also remains that Kashmiri Pandits must return to their homes and live comfortably without any fear with their Muslim neighbours like they did in 1947 when whole of Indian sub-continent was burning and Dogra army assisted by drill masters of Jammu under Master Ji´s command were on a rampage killing more than three hundred thousand Muslims in cold blood. Why Kashmiri Pandits left Kashmir is a subject amply explained by nationalist Pandits emotionally attached to Motherland.


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