Abused Woman Case Demonstrates Widespread Corruption Among Canada's Judges

I wish great health, happiness and fortune to my fellow Canadians this New Year!  However, it is with continued shock and horror I would like to share with you a story which betrays the extent of corruption among many of Canada's Judges.

Thanks to these corrupt Judges Dezrin Carby-Samuels [above photo] has been forced to endure unspeakable abuse and torture at the hands of her own husband since 2013.

As a result of this abuse, Dezrin has not been able to walk, talk or write since June 2015.

But three particular Ottawa judges were undeterred by Dezrin's suffering and were determined to collaborate with Dezrin's well-connected husband.

You can watch the antics of her well-connected husband in the above video as he prevents local Ottawa police from checking on Dezrin's well-being.

The apparent corrupt judges in this particular case are Senior Justice MacNamara of the Ontario Superior Court in Ottawa along Pierre Roger, and Sylvia Corthorn who apparently conspired with fellow University of Ottawa Faculty of Law alumnus John Summers who is affiliated with Bell Baker.

As Canadians, we love to laugh at the American process of selecting judges in their Supreme Court as some kind of over-politicized circus which often brings up certain ugly details about a prospective judges past which becomes the subject of public debate involving mudslinging.

However, in Canada, we don't have these kinds circuses not because our judges are so much better in character than American ones; but because the mass media in Canada and the selection process for judges keeps the ugly past of judges hidden.

The result is that there are many low-life judges across Canada that ought to never be put in a position of authority in the courtroom.

Do you know how many times I hear about judges in Canada engaged in all kinds of illegal activity?

We're talking, for example, judges illegally meetings behind closed doors and making sweat heart deals with a favoured litigant related to their "previous life" as a lawyer.

Once these sweetheart deals are done, no amount of evidence will be considered by a judge to go against the sweetheart deals.

In Ottawa, Dezin Carby-Samuels and her son who tried to protect her from continued abuse by her husband was an apparent victim of a false flag operation coordinated between Senior Justice MacNamara and John Summers.  Mr. Summers officially represents the abusive husband who has sought to prevent Dezrin's son from liberating his Dezrin from the profound conditions of abuse and torture that she has been subjected.

After one of these sweetheart deals, the presiding judge told Mr. Summers he didn't even need to make a presentation to the court - the deal was done!

As a result of this sweetheart deal, Macnamara and his two other judicial accomplices who had sought to work in behalf of the well-connected abusive husband simply ignored all evidence of abuse including Dezrin being left to suffer in her own feces.  What a bunch on nice people these judges are, huh?

These judges allowed John Summers to make up any lie that could be used to perpetuate Dezrin's pain and suffering and to frustrate the efforts of Dezrin's son to liberate his mother from the pain and suffering she has been forced to endure since April 2015!  Notably, these three judges all connected with the University of Ottawa also sought to repress any efforts of other Judges in Ottawa not connected with the University of Ottawa that had sought to support Dezrin's son efforts.

For example, the Court Order rendered by Justice Patrick Smith on 11 February 2016 that sought to liberate Dezrin from abuse was overturned by the corruption activities on U of O affiliated Senior Justice MacNamara.  Justice Sylvia Corthorn as part of this trail of corruption blocked the efforts of Justice Mcloed to support the independent verification of Dezrin's well being to ensure that she was not being held against her will by her husband.

The problem in Canada starts from the fact that judges in Canada are being exclusively recruited from the ranks of often crooked lawyers in shady law firms.

When these crooked lawyers become Judges, our Canadian system unlike the American one, overly treats these Judges like "gods" rather than human beings capable of transgressing legal boundaries.

Judges in Canada lack any oversight and accountability and the result of this context is that corruption for many Judges in Canada has become a way of life.  Such judges can live out the racism, sexism and other bigotries they harbour without any care in the world that anyone or any institution will hold them accountable.

Judges in Canada can also make all kinds of out of court arrangements in "back alley ways" without a care in the world that it will come out in the media.

If you have a story about judicial corruption, I can pretty much guarantee your story won't see the light of day in any mainstream Canadian media outlet.

Judicial corruption in Canada is part of a coordinated concealment context to enable th every owners of the media in Canada to also benefit from that corruption whenever a Canadian seeks to assert their civil rights against these owners in the court room.

Dezrin Carby-Samuels has become the latest victim of a judicial system in Canada mired in corruption.  Our Canadian court system for many judges has become the playground of shady individuals who dominate today's Canadian legal professional.

Judges should never be appointed from the ranks of the legal profession. That's not the way to ensure impartiality in the courtroom.

Until we as, Canadians, begin to support a process of subjecting all judicial appointments to critical public scrutiny and furthermore support the selection of judges who don't bring their professional baggage from their lives as lawyers, our judicial system will continue to horribly victimize Canadians like Dezrin.


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