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Health and Wealth as Complementary Factors in Life

There is a strong link between health and wealth when you try to understand these two factors critically. It is not a matter to argue about that without sound health you cannot take progressive steps in your economic position. Even when you observe such people whose health is a point of concern in their lives, you will realize that the pace of their economic progress is far too incomparable to that of their counterparts who are enjoying vibrant health. This then poses a question in our minds, ‘What deserves the biggest portion of our attention, health or wealth?”

Generally the two notions need equal attention at a point when neither of them has started claiming dominance over the other. This means that when your health is still sound and you can perform your routine obligations well, you should not forget about it and pretend as if nothing will go wrong in that area. It still needs attention for instance you must go for routine check-ups to be sure that there is no ill-health that might still be lying within you in its early, dormant and unfelt stage. You have to keep it in your mind that those investments you are happily building-up are a result of the soundness in your health status. Therefore strive to keep fit as you strive to amass wealth.

Did you know that an unhealthy status leads to an unfair distribution of your financial resources? Why regard it as an ‘unfair distribution’; because you will find the health aspect of your life claiming more of your earnings yet it is so unproductive that whatever you spend on treatment is gone and forgotten. This is where we again come back to the idea of complementarity of the two aspects. We accumulate wealth when we are in good health and we can sustain our health in a fine state, assuming that other factors remain constant, using a little bit of the wealth we have accumulated.

Wealth is one of the ideas we have in mind even right from childhood especially these days when even young people grow up thinking that they study to become rich in future. Healthy children stay in school, work harder and usually excel compared to those whose health is not stable. That is why if a child is not distracted by any factor, health inclusive, they study progressively and finish at the right time. They are then able to engage in economically productive ventures and attain wealth at a young stage. This is more so with children of these days who seem to be endowed with an extra sense of intelligence than those of the past generations because of the rate of innovation they exhibit. They are great pro-creators who are bringing a lot of new sophisticated things into existence especially in the world of technology. There is no better way than this to start a journey to the land of wealth. All this is possible courtesy of good health.

It would be unfair not to mention the fact that increased life expectancy is usually a product of healthy living practices. You need a sound financial backing to exercise such practices successfully. This then calls for a need to keep allocating some of what you accumulate to the health ventures in your life. What is the point here? Part with some of your bucks to enjoy a day out with your family at that popular spa so that you cultivate happiness, invigorate your life and refresh your mind while setting it ready to hatch new ideas for the next investment undertakings. There is a lot more you can do for healthy living.

Yes, the two ideas of health and wealth are close factors that you need to give your focal attention if you want to propel your life well. They are both necessary for you to live a fulfilling life.


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