Canada's Upcoming Federal Election To Be a Complete Sham

According to David Icke, backroom elites who are members of certain "bloodlines" have sought to manipulate leaders into positions of power that share bloodline affiliations.

Could that explain the upcoming sham we, as Canadians can expect in the next federal elections?

My fellow Canadians, there are two ways to "fix" an election.

One way is to sabotage the voting process.  This includes the counting of ballots.

The other way is to control the selection of political party leaders.

Haven't you ever wondered why the leaders of both the NDP and the Conservative Party are so lacking in any charisma?

And what about "Mad Max" who leads the so-called "People's Party"?

He can barely string a few words together without sounding like a complete idiot.

Max Bernier is all "good looks" with much of a brain apparently.  I would like to know who elected this guy in the first place - he's full of ignorant sounding clichés.

And what about Elizabeth May who still leads the Green Party?

I'm sorry to say that the Green Party leaders are among the best actors and worst operatives of the same fascists that preside over the Alberta Tar Sands.

I know.  I have worked in the Green Party and with all major Canadian political parties for that matter.  I'm quite aware of their political hypocrisy and substantive collusion with one another.

Canadian politics has become a complete joke.

Since 1988 when former Liberal Leader John Turner lost the so-called "Free Trade" election, Canadian politics has becoming increasing controlled by a One Party shadow state which runs all competitive political parties in Canada; and it's apparent that they want Justin Trudeau to win by making sure that our options are so pathetic that it highly likely that he will win despite his worsening corruption.

Didn't you ever wonder how Justin Trudeau won the election that he had been in third place when the election started?  That's because he was manipulated into power with the help of the Canadian mass media that's controlled by the same political-military-industrial complex.


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