Canada's Supreme Court Judges Perpetrate Corruption, Iniquity When Not Under Spotlight

When the Judges of the Supreme Court are facing a decision which is being actively covered by Canada's mass media, you can just about always expect that they will be guided by the highest standards of fairness and equality which is the basis of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Notable decision of the Supreme Court under a strong media spotlight include decisions gay marriage and Métis rights.

However, having taught law, I can tell you that when not under the media spotlight, Canada's Supreme Court is nothing short of a cesspool of iniquity and corruption.

There is simply no callous act or pain and suffering that's too atrocious for these Judges to act out.

Since over 99% of decisions made by the Supreme Court enjoy absolutely no media coverage, over 99% of the time you can rest assured that the Supreme Court will act out its oppressive, colonial, elitist, bigoted and racist mentality to any decision which comes before it.

The Judges of the Supreme Court use the media spotlight to their full advantage.  They make good decisions under the media spotlight so that the idea that they could be making evil and oppressive decisions on cases not under media attention will be farthest from the minds of most Canadians.

Canadians through the media see the "good side" of the Supreme Court while the demonic underbelly of the Supreme Court goes unnoticed.

One example of a case which poignantly shows just what kind of evil the apparent demon-worshiping Judges of Canada's Supreme Court of Canada are up to is a case against an Ottawa elderly black woman named Dezrin Carby-Samuels.

The demure 5' Dezin began to suffer profound domestic violence at the hands of her strapping 6'4" husband starting in January 2013.

She wrote a note to Raymond, her son, that she was being abused.

The abusive father responded by hiring a dirty cop to cover-up matters of abuse and to prevent the son from further protecting his mother from abuse.

The end result of this abuse is that Dezrin had lost the ability of walk, write and talk. 

The son took the matter to court and won a default judgement on 11 February 2016 from Judge Patrick Smith.

But that's when things get even more "interesting".  Marcella, the "sister" wanted her brother "out of the house" because she apparently want to be the sole inheritor of family assets.

So, she endorsed the hiring of a dirty lawyer who graduated from the University of Ottawa Law School.  This lawyer is apparently affiliated to a University of Ottawa "secret society" of lawyers, judges and members of the police who then perpetuated a process of ignoring not only Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure, but a slew of other laws and ethical conduct reaching into the areas of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Three of these apparent corrupt lower court judges include Sylvia Corthorn, Pierre Roger and Senior Justice McNamara.

Every time Raymond got a decision in his favour by a "regular" judge one of these apparent "secret society" judges would intervene to quash the decision through veritable Kangaroo Courts.

Judges of the Ontario Court of Appeal as proved to be in league with a fifth column of demonic judges in Ottawa's Superior Court that all sought to ignore the rules of law and equity which if applied would have spared Dezrin from further abuse and granted her desire to be reunited with her son that she had not been able to see since 15 June 2015.

So, by the time Raymond brought his Leave to Appeal to the Supreme Court there were a record number of irregularities which should have easily led to the Supreme Court granting Raymond's sought Leave to Appeal.

But alas, since this case was not in the mass media spotlight, Supreme Court Judges had not interest in defending Dezrin from the abuse that Raymond sought to liberate her from.

Furthermore, since Raymond is black and was not a lawyer, the Supreme Court Judges were apparently further offended that he did not pay the $100,000 plus retainer that he "ought to have paid" if his Leave of Appeal went through a lawyer.  Raymond's Leave to Appeal passed the "presentation test" in flying colours.  Indeed, legal clerks at both the Court of Appeal for Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada had remarked to Raymond that his filings were presented much better than many lawyers.  However, it is apparent that no matter of well Raymond presented a system of corruption and irregularities executed through Lower 'Kangaroo Courts' without any media spotlight, Raymond had no chance of being able to liberate his mother from the heinous abuse and neglect by her husband.

It's time that we as Canadians begin to take an interest in the kind of atrocities that's taking place through our court systems in general and in particular behind closed doors of Canada's Supreme Court.

It's time that we as Canadians begin to furthermore take interest on a network of demons which is operating as judges and seeking to undermine basic human decency along with social justice, equality, freedoms, civil rights and the rule of law.


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