Trudeau demonstrates complete hypocrisy on Trump's Tweets

Prime Minister Trudeau's reply to U.S. President Trump's recent controversial Tweet ‘That’s not how we do things in Canada’ is complete hypocrisy.

What Mr Trudeau really meant to say is that in Canada, we don't "tweet" our racism.  We say nice things on tweet and other public places but practice institutionalized racism behind closed doors.

Mr. Trudeau's most recent demonstration of racism "Canadian-style" was his firing of Jody Wilson-Raybould PC QC MP from being Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of Canada simply because she dared to challenge Mr Trudeau's reported unethical efforts to manipulate her Office in behalf of SNC-Lavelin.

Would Mr. Trudeau have treated a white male francophone from Quebec in similar circumstances the same way he had treated Ms Wilson-Raybould?

Of course not - Mr Trudeau's apparent "closet Canadian racism" is betrayed in his action and not his "sentimental" statements about multiculturalism.

Mr. Trudeau doesn't care are First Nations people, visible minorities, women, poor people or the environment for that matter.

What Mr. Trudeau cares about is foremost maintaining his sexy look including his nice hair cut along with power tied to Big Oil and other corporate interests.

And what about Mr. Trudeau's ignoring of the cries of aboriginal peoples across Canada including those who have been raped, murdered and forced to live in Third World conditions?

What about Mr Trudeau keeping black males our of the Senate after Prime Ministers before him had appointed them?

And what about the apparent ongoing systematized exclusion of visible minorities from Supreme Court of Canada Judges to senior management in Canada's public services and crown corporations?

Mr. Trudeau's response comes after politicians including the U.K.’s Theresa May condemned the tweets as “completely unacceptable.”

Trudeau was recently asked by reporters for his reaction to the tweets by Trump, in which the president told several Democratic congresswomen to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came” and then “come back and show us how it is done.”

Trump didn’t name the congresswomen in his tweets but it’s been suggested he was referring to the four who have been some of his most vocal critics: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib.

“I think Canadians and indeed people around the world know what I think of those particular comments. That’s not how we do things in Canada,” Trudeau said.

“A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.”

He added that diversity is a source of strength for Canada but did not say whether he believes the tweets were racist.

Oh yeah?  According to Mr Trudeau's comments following his firing of Raybould, diversity can only work if it can be determined it suits his public relations agenda.

Mr. Trudeau's idea of "diversity" seems to pivot on using a very small amount of selected First Nations and visible minorities in the public spotlight that can be used to support his diversity propaganda agenda.

The truth of the matter is that Mr Trudeau's government behind closed doors practices a far more pernicious form of racism than Mr Trump's comments conveys.  And the so-called mainstream media in Canada doesn't challenge Mr Trudeau's hypocrisy because the owners of the Canadian media are just as racist as Justin Trudeau - just go to any major news room in Canada and the presence of reporters / journalists who are either First Nations or visible minority background will be zero or next to nothing.

So, Mr. Trudeau should stop acting like he is morally superior to Mr Trump.  Instead Mr Trudeau should redress his own practice of institutionalized racism beyond the rhetoric of "multiculturalism" which his government doesn't substantively practice outside of occasional funding to "song and dance".


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