Coronavirus is a mass-deception of 5-G radiation warfare suggests scholar on aliens

Could the coronavirus be simply a reaction to warfare which has been orchestrated by manipulative aliens and their human collaborators?  Have these manipulative aliens and elites concocted the roll-out of 5-G technology on our planet to instigate a mutually sought planetary instability? 

Is the coronavirus not a "virus" at all but simply the result of the reaction of human bodies to radiation disruptions which manifest virus-like symptoms as a result of alien technological designs?  Is the secondary plot by these manipulative aliens and their elites human accomplices to then label their 5-G "microwave wars" as a "virus" so that they can create mass fear an panic to then justify their sought suspension of democratic rights which undermine corporate-alien control over dwindling natural resources?

Think of 5-G technology as exposing you to the radiation equivalent of a small atomic bomb.  The first symptom of that bomb would be radiation poisoning which would disrupt your body's energy states and then immune systems leading to cellular mutations which would then result in you catching actual viruses and bacterial infections out there which you would not normally.

The mutations observed of the so-called "coronavirus" can be regarded as the kind of respiratory mutations and chronic flu-like symptoms you would experience in a theatre of "limited nuclear war". Senior citizens and people with weakened immune systems are the most vulnerable to the "coronavirus" in the exact way they would also be vulnerable to a limited nuclear warfare and  the people who developed auxiliary illnesses from that warfare.

These insights have been revealed by Dr Micheal Salla in Is Coronavirus a Deep State Bioweapon attack on China planned in 2005? where he reveals that the supposed outbreak of the "coronavirus" in Wuhan is a place which has the highest concentration of 5-G networks on the planet.

Dr Salla further remarks that it’s not coincidental that the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy, which has recorded the most deaths outside of China, began in the provinces associated with the rollout of 5G as observed by the blogsite, “State of the Nation”.

If Dr. Michael Salla's claims are true, then could the coronavirus simply be a coordinated simulation through 5-G networks to mimic the appearance of a contagious virus and "pandemic" to instigate a sought fear and panic by the masses to lead to a staged vaccine program associated with a New World Order agenda?

A key to understanding the possible False Flag "psych op" of the coronavirus as alleged by Dr. Michael Salla and David Icke might be the above video.

In this video, a woman claims that she was able to rid herself of coronavirus symptoms by removing herself away from 5-G Technology and other such devices which are apparently being manipulated by a Deep State according to Dr. Salla.

In the video below, David Icke elaborates on 5-G as a verifiable weapon of mass destruction.

Local epicentres of the coronavirus in China, Europe and places in the United States like Bergen County, New Jersey, appear to coincide exactly with 5G microwave areas of concentration.  That may also explain why Africa and other areas with substantively less 5G activity also have far few reports about the "coronavirus".

If you want to further appreciate the apparent manipulative aliens associated with 5-G technology, I invite you to check out a new book concerning Justin Trudeau that is here.

You be the judge.


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