5G: U.S woman's case proves there's more to coronavirus prevention than social distancing

Politicians and official agencies of government declare that "social distancing" will protect you from the coronavirus.

Then, why am I seeing more and more cases of people getting the "coronavirus" who have been in social isolation?

Weeks ago, I heard of a case of someone who had been completed isolated in the Ottawa Hospital is puzzled medical staff when they contracted the coronavirus.

Today, the New York Post reports that a North Carolina coronavirus patient said she was infected despite staying home for the three weeks leading up to her diagnosis.

“This is the sickest I’ve ever been and it’s the most scared I’ve ever been,” Rachel Brummert told WCNC. “I’m absolutely terrified.”

Brummert, who suffers from an autoimmune disorder, told the outlet that she last left her Charlotte home for a trip to the pharmacy in mid-March.

Such cases merely reinforce Robert Kennedy Jr's recent article that COVID-19 is being spread by 5G through microwaves travelling over large areas and not as the result of a normal virus through close contacts.


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