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14 signs Justin Trudeau is a closet racist who doesn't like black and First Nations peoples

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes very eloquent speeches which are aimed at showing verbal support for Canada's multiculturalism policy. However, over the years it has become apparent that our prime minister doesn't seem to practice what he preaches when it comes to black people, with particular reference to 'anti-black male' racism and First Nations communities. Prime Minister Trudeau can be regarded as a "closet racist" because the actual practices of his government reveal a disdain for black and aboriginal Canadians which is not consistent with his rhetoric.

The following behaviours and tendencies reveal the kind of systemic racism which may have caught the attention of voters at the United Nations when they didn't support Canada's bid for a Security Council seat.

1 – Blackface.  Time magazine's exposé showed Justin Trudeau performing as blackface characters, which is specifically designed to mock black males as being monkey-like performers.

2 – Justin Trudeau has systematically repressed the advancement of black members of Parliament into becoming cabinet ministers. This includes members of Parliament like Gatineau's Greg Fergus, who arguably has the skills to have become deputy prime minister. Trudeau's sidelining of black parliamentarians was particularly notable during recent Black Lives Matter protests. While hypocritically taking a knee to show solidarity with protesters, Trudeau was at the same time using his other knee to deny black parliamentarians like Fergus from having a constructive role. It is furthermore apparent that Justin Trudeau believes the Government of Canada ought not to be represented by black people in any public way. This contrasts sharply with former prime ministers like Paul Martin, who appointed MichaëlleJean as Canada's first black governor-general.

3 – Justin Trudeau has completely backtracked on Canada's previous commitments on international peacekeeping and other international development roles. This has been to the chagrin of black majority countries in Africa and the Caribbean, and is consistent with Justin Trudeau's apparent dislike for black people revealed in his blackface performances.

4 – Justin Trudeau has denied black males any appointments in his so-called "reformed" Senate. At one point Canada had two black male senators and now Canada has no black males in Upper Canada. Again, Justin Trudeau's overlooking of very qualified black male candidates for senator is consistent with his blackface performances.

5 – Justin Trudeau's government continues to systematically deny both black people and First Nations communities from senior management positions across the Canadian federal public service.

6 – Justin Trudeau has refused to appoint any visible minorities as judges in Canada's Supreme Court. There are currently no visible minorities among Supreme Court justices.

7 – In response to police forces across Canada, including those of the RCMP, murdering and abusing black people, First Nations peoples, and other visible minorities, Justin Trudeau has failed to execute legislative and other substantive reforms to redress systemic racism. Further, Trudeau has turned up the rhetoric on promises that he is unlikely to do anything about.

8 – Justin Trudeau has failed to act on redressing the plight of murdered indigenous women. Instead, he has sought to use the coronavirus as an excuse to continue to do nothing about the matter.

9 – Justin Trudeau's multibillion-dollar pipeline bailout is designed to support a white political elite which he shares an affinity to while oppressing the hereditary rights of communities that were there long before Canada. This lack of respect for First Nations people is further shown in the prime minister's willingness to turn his back on the third-world squalor, famine, and disease which persists in First Nations communities across Canada.

10 – Justin Trudeau's treatment of Jody Wilson-Raybould shows that the prime minister believes the purpose of any woman or visible minority in his government is to serve as an ornament and not as someone who ought to be respected. I highly doubt that Prime Minister Trudeau would have treated a white male with the kind of disdain that he showed for Wilson-Raybould.

11 – Both the Liberal Party of Canada and the Ontario Liberal Party have been known to practice systemic racism in the candidate nomination process, and Justin Trudeau has failed to do anything about this.

12 – Justin Trudeau has failed to champion any kind of human rights reform of Canada's federal public service which would enable the higher employment of more black and First Nations people.

13 – Justin Trudeau has been relatively less welcoming to "dark-skinned" refugees.

14 – Justin Trudeau has failed to use his tremendous authority to support any federal-provincial coordination on domestic policies to redress systemic racism against black people and First Nations communities in Canada's cities, from various school systems to the ability of these groups to avail themselves of employment opportunities if they make it through school systems and higher education roadblocks.

In my book “Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst,” I further document a particular case of systemic racism which was enforced by a Supreme Court of Canada which totally lacks visible minority judges.


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