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Amazon bans top selling COVID-19 vaccine book which reveals the truth

Amazon.com censored / deleted a pandemic book which earned 5-star ratings and soared to #20 in politics. It was too close to the truth! Please tell your followers to instead get their copies at Barnes and Noble here - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/covid-19-peter-tremblay/1138493655#censorship#COVID19

This book supports Trump's assertions that the pandemic was man made which was confirmed in a recent article on Politico. My advice to you is to get it at Barnes and Noble before they too try to censor this book.

This book was also peer reviewed by the medical / scientific community. It is apparent that censorship during the pandemic is about repressing the truth and not about stopping "misinformation", and no book supports that conclusion more that Peter Tremblay's and Dr. John Chang's critically acclaimed new book.


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