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Stop Doug Ford's Insanity: Create the Eastern and Northern Ontario Bubble

We need to stop Premier Doug Ford's irrational plan to punish the whole of Ontario for the "sins" of the Greater Toronto Area.

And here's how we can do it.

City councils and businesses that stand to suffer in eastern and northern Ontario ought to pass votes on a desire to create an Eastern and Northern Ontario Bubble that could include western Quebec, and that is reinforced by provincial police checkpoints around the perimeter.

That would redress Premier Ford's concern about "contaminated Montrealers" wondering into the province.

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Surete du Quebec checkpoints similar to police checkpoints used for Atlantic Canada would not be cheap.  But a heck of a lot cheaper than destroying businesses and livelihoods in communities that have sought to act responsibly and levelling the second way of the pandemic.

Atlantic Canada has shown that a regional "bubble" can work and save economies from meltdown.

Once city councils pass emergency resolutions on their desire to to form such a regional bubble they should then threaten class legal action.

Rest assured, when confronted with such an organized revolt, Ford will have no choice than to back-off if he ever wants to be re-elected again.

This lockdown game that the Ford government is now pursuing can be regarded as little more that a mass psychological operation to begin to blackmail everyone in Ontario that they better take their injections of DNA altering COVID-19 vaccines if they want to "return to normal".

Follow the money on the real motivation behind the new lockdown.  This lockdown has Big Pharma and company's name all over it.

You can read about this apparent ploy of the Doug Ford government in my new book entitled COVID-19: The Biometric Vaccine Brave New World Totalitarian Agenda.


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