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5 Ways to Motivate Your Kid to Do a Homework Task

After spending the whole day at school, kids come home and say, can you help me do my homework? The truth is kids don’t enjoy sitting and studying once they get home. Most parents make a mistake of trying all their best to get the kid to like the idea instead of focusing on getting him or her to do it. Remember convincing your child to sit down and do the things they don’t want can be quite challenging. Similarly, making them stop doing what they want to do can be even more difficult.  You cannot force your child to learn. You cannot make them hold a certain attitude. But you can assist them. Focus on encouraging your child by sending positive invitations. Just motivate your children to do homework by themselves or they will use homework help services.

To get started, here are some ways to help you motivate your kids and improve their behaviour.

  • Appreciate them

Most kids get up early to go to school and this can be exhausting. Take the opportunity and tell your child how much you appreciate their efforts and don’t forget to ride with them to school without rushing them. Most kids want to please their parents and that sense of connection is a powerful form of motivation to do anything. Always praise your kids and focus more on effort and growth of the kid.The same case should apply to when they come home from school. Be sure to maintain the excitement so that they can be motivated to do their homework. At the end, we want them to succeed and improve.

  • Establish a study routine

A study routine is a good way to motivate the kid to do their homework. Find a study spot where you can sit your child while he or she is doing her homework just to help them stay on track. Choose a quiet location away from distractions. Also, identify a specific study time for them. Once you have the specific time, stick to that schedule every day. This may take a while for the routine to finally become a habit, but just persist and the child will always remember that time as homework time.

  • Be open and positive with your kids

Children want to be supported and one-on-one way talks with them will be a good way to give them ultimate motivation. Kids are always curious and inviting them to understand what makes sense is a good way to help them grow in the same form of knowledge. Remember, threatening, punishing and manipulating will not get you anywhere and it will only create a disconnection with your child. If you get violent and get negative, then the child might become rebellious and react to you instead of thinking through the situation.

Instead, ask them how the feel about a certain task problem when they are doing their homework. This will be a good way to invite an open conversation with your kid and they will want to cooperate more.

  • Allow the kid to make choices about homework

Allow the child to makes some choices about homework or any other related issues. They can choose the appropriate time to study, either before or after dinner or they can do it immediately they get home. Let your child choose a spot of their own where they feel comfortable doing their homework. The only choice they shouldn’t have is whether to study or not. That is the responsibility of the parent, but they must ensure that the homework is done.

  • Replace bribes and rewards with encouraging words

Bribes and rewards are what most parents use to get their children to do things. But, this won’t last. The earlier you get rid of paying for grades or rewarding your children with special things, the better it will be in the effort of encouraging children to develop and learn. Bribing has only short-term gains and it doesn’t guarantee that the child will follow the same trend in future.

Instead, focus on making positive and encourage verbal comments that motivate the child to keep growing. Recognize their efforts in doing the homework and make them feel they are responsible for doing it.

As parents, we are worried about our children falling behind or struggling too much with homework. But if you calm down and understand that all the kid's needs is motivation and focus on fulfilling that, you will not be worried about your child not succeeding. These tips will help you get started and keep your child motivated all through.


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