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How A Good Research Paper Should Look Like

The research papers are quite complex types of academic papers. To prepare the piece the student has to analyse lots of information. The analysis is crucial to prepare this type of task.

Not all the students are strong in analytical thinking. That is why it is really hard for them to prepare the scientific pieces. The good way out is to order the services of the writing platforms. These virtual agencies propose research paper writing. If the next task you are given is a research paper, and you have no clue where to start working on it perhaps  https://essayvikings.com/research-papers is the place you want to check.

Major Types Of Research Papers

The research papers are divided into seven major types. To prepare well each of it, strong writing skills are needed. Here are the main 7 types:

  1. Argumentative papers.This type of task is suitable to underline the argument on a specific problem. To write such a piece the student must master the facts and figures.
  2. Analytical papers. This type is of analytical nature. The student should demonstrate strong reasoning skills to prepare the task. It is important to choose the right methodology to analyse the data in the correct way.
  3. Definition papers. This type of task is quite easy to write. It does not require profound analysis of facts and figures. The definition of the problem is more important that the resolvement of it.
  4. Compare and contrast paper. This type of work is interesting to write. It requires comparative analysis. The student has to analyse several different types of data, find similarities and differences and describe them.
  5. Reports. Very often the students are given various types of reports to write. Reports are ideal to describe results of laboratory experiments, or in fact any possible experience like visiting a museum.
  6. Research papers. This is one of the most complicated types of academic tasks, because they need solid foundation in the form of primary and secondary sources that should be relevant and reliable, a good deal of analysis and proper structure.

The research papers require much efforts from students. That is why the students often struggle to complete those.

Formal Requirements For Academic Papers

If the student wants his academic work to get a high grade not only the content of it has to be brilliant. The academic styles and the structure have to meet the requirements. Here are some of them:

  1. The right structure. Each piece of academic work has to follow certain structure. The structure differs for every type of task. There are some obligatory components. They are: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Limitations, Reference list. If the student omits any of this elements, the work will never get a high grade. You have to make sure you get all the instructions and requirements from the professor, because in different fields, research papers can have a bit different structure. You may or may not need a Literature review, etc. Also, if you are not sure what exactly to write in each section, don’t hope than anything will do. Google some articles on the topic and make sure you have nailed the correlation of structure and content before you actually start writing.
  2. Formal academic language, including proper vocabulary, absence of slang and contractions, writing in third person, etc. Make sure you proofread and edit your paper before submission.
  3. Correct formatting. Formatting is not less important than the content by itself. There are academic guidelines that describe how the academic work has to be written. The reference list has to be written according MLA, APA or other academic style. To facilitate the formatting, the student can use Purdue Owl or Google Scholar.
  4. Use reliable sources. The academic work values if the students justifies his ideas. He has to use reliable, reputable, relevant and recent sources, both primary and secondary, to prepare the paper.

These are the main formal requirements. If you would like to prepare a brilliant research paper, you have to follow those.

In case these requirements seem too complicated, order the services of academic writers. They have years of experience in academic writing. They will for sure prepare an excellent piece of work.


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