Coronavirus brings together 5G Warfare with Eugenics and mass-manipulation of data

The above LondonReal video was banned by both YouTube and Facebook because it apparently reveals the truth about the so-called "Coronavirus".

In this interview, investigative researcher David Icke reveals that the "coronavirus" pandemic is being orchestrated by a three-fold mass manipulation.

The first strategy of an apparent clique of fascists has been to conflate death tolls by getting hospitals to label as many people who come to the clinics and hospitals as having the coronavirus as possible.

The second strategy which involves "eugenics" has been to currently manipulate as many very sick people in the hospital as possible to sign "do not resuscitate" forms.

Eugenics was adopted by Nazi Germany under an ideology that elites would strengthen society by encouraging "the weak" to die.

This has resulted in many people dying who would have not died if they weren't tricked by the "Corona-Fascists" that are seeking to trigger as much fear and panic as they can with mounting reported death tolls.

The third and crowning diabolical strategy which David Icke reveals is that a cabal of owners in Big Tech with military elite backers have been using 5G to cluster EMF attacks on human populations.

The result of these atmospheric blasts or radiation microwaves along 5G relay points from space and on Earth has been to produce the reported flu-like symptoms of the coronavirus.

First they experimented against the honey bees and the birds.  Now human populations seem to be the targets.

David Icke reveals that the "COVID-19" is not an actual "virus" but a label give to symptoms which are actually being produced by 5G weaponry.

Mr Icke also reveals in the above interview that doctors who have not been paid to lie say there's actually no such thing as "COVID-19" as described by WHO, governments and a cabal of elites.

The doctors who David Icke reveals in the above interview say that when they examined the bodies of people who died from COVID-19 they could easily recognize that their lungs were destroyed as a result of radiation-like exposure and not any "virus". 

These doctors conclude that "COVID-19" is a faked virus that is not actually contagious but is being made to look contagious to enable a hidden agenda.

The hidden agenda which David Icke reveals is explored in the above video.

I invite you to read my book Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst if you want to explore the world of corruption and manipulative aliens as background to the so-called "coronavirus".

The manipulate aliens I cite my book appear to be connected with the current "coronavirus" pandemic simulation.


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