Hobbit News and film spoilers from Philippa Boyens!

Philippa Boyens is the co-writer and producer of  "The Hobbit" trilogy of films.

"The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug" is about to come out on DVD and she spoke to Empire about it and the next film too.

She explained that although filming has been completed of course, the film has not been cut together and so it is still coming together.

The film and characters have not been completely shaped, but she stated that she was excited about the Thorin storyline particularly. The Desolation of Smaug ended with a great cliff hanger where the Thorin was getting very cross and also stressed about the journey ahead. She said that Thorin gets even madder as the next film started. She was also questioned about why they chose to end the film in Lake Town.

She explained that it seemed an obvious place to end the film to her and she was shocked that the audience felt that it was a shock to end the film there. The choice to split the dwarves up was also a big thing.

This is because the book always keeps them together, apart from when Thorin is imprisoned. This means that this is a big change, but Boyens explained that the reason for this was so that a dwarf was in lake town when it was attacked so that the film audience can see it through the eyes of a character that we already know well. This is a pretty big spoiler for the film, as she goes on to explain that a big rift develops between them and Bofur also comes in to his own.

It will not only be interesting to see how this works out in the film and how fans of the book will take the news that the film deviates so much from the original story.

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